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After the first ever untethered jailbreak utility for iPhone has been released, a high percentage of the jailbreak community have already gone ahead and used it to jailbreak their iOS devices. However, the release wasn’t without issue as many users came up against a number of problems.  Most of these have now been resolved with the release of a number of updates to Evasion and consecutive jailbreak tools like Taig , Pangu , PP Jailbreak. But there are still some who haven’t yet applied the jailbreak, for one reason or another. iOS jailbreaking for downloading Cydia is much smoother and clean now than ever . Keep reading below for Cydia Download tutorial with step by step video for first time users . 

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How to Install Cydia without Jailbreak :

If you don’t want to jailbreak but do want the Cydia app on your iPhone, there are ways to do it below .

Method 1 :

Download the Electra app directly on your iPhone from the link here. No PC required for Jailbreaking.

Method 2 : Safari Browser 

  1. From the home screen of your iPhone or iPad, open up Safari  
  2. Now simply type in the url or use this ( alternate link )cydia
  3. The mobile version of our website will open. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen tap on the UP arrow at the bottom of the screen   
  4. You will be presented with several options , tap on Add to Home screen  
  5. Now you need to give the app a name – name it “Cydia” and then tap Add  
  6. Go back to your Home screen and you should see the Cydia app icon.  
  7. Tap on the app to launch Cydia app.

Video  : A short video showing you the entire process

Method 3: Configuration Profile:

This is not quite so easy as the first method, so it is essential that you go through these steps as they are written:

  1. Open Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad and then open this [ link
  2. You will see a Cydia information page; find and tap the link to Install Directly to iOS Device , this is what allows the profile to be installed on your device
  3. This will open your Settings app on the Profile page; tap the Install Profile link
  4. Type your passcode in and then Safari browser will open
  5. Tap the Install Cydia link and a confirmation box will load , tap on Install  
  6. This opens your Settings app once more, tap on Install > Next  
  7. Tap Done and leave your iPhone or iPad while the installation completes

Should the installation not complete successfully, you will need to repeat the steps, making sure you follow them exactly

Cydia Not Working Fix :

One of the biggest problems was down to incompatibility issues between Cydia and iOS and the fact that jailbreakers did not test the beta build of MobileSubstrate. This caused problems with apps that relied on it to work properly. Another issue that came up was that a few users suddenly noticed a Chinese App store appear beside Cydia. It came out at a later date that some Jailbreak teams have, in fact, signed a deal to bundle the Chinese appstore with Cydia, on the provision that there was no pirate content. Because the terms of that agreement were broken, the store, Taig has been removed from the jailbreak via an jailbreak update.

For those that are still coming up against problems with the jailbreak, there are some fixes available for you to try for the more common issues .

About Cydia :

Cydia has been in existence for almost 6 years, since its creator, Saurik, brought it out as an alternative to the original OS  It’s the best know market place for jailbreak tweaks and actually predates the official Apple App store by several months.

For those that may be interested, the name was chosen because of its meaning , Cydia pomonella is commonly known as the Codling Moth. This pest burrows its way into fruit, usually apples and this is where it earned its name , the worm in the Apple.

As each year passes, more and more jailbreak developers are coming up with apps and tweaks and submitting them to Cydia, making it the largest unofficial app store in the world, as well as the most successful. In the last few weeks there have been a number of iOS specific apps submitted as well as updates to existing apps to give them support .

Saurik, otherwise known as Jay Freeman, has branched out a little though and has now developed  a Cydia Substrate just for the Android platform, giving other developers a similar chance at developing tweaks for their own platform.

Cydia Alternative [ No Jailbreak] 

For those who cannot install Cydia right now [ it isn’t compatible with all devices ], there are other alternatives. These are app installers that will give you a few Cydia apps and tweaks but without having to jailbreak first. Try these two for starters:

  • AppValley

AppValley is a very comprehensive app installer that is a real goldmine of apps and tweaks. Some of these are Cydia-only tweaks, and you can also choose to download several very popular ++ modified apps, like Pokémon Go++, Snapchat++ and Spotify++. There are plenty of paid apps for free and lots of other apps and games that can’t be got from any official app store. Get all the details about AppValley [ext link] and how you can download it by clicking on the link.

  • TweakBox

TweakBox is another fully-featured app installer that has so much content, the app developers have thoughtfully separated it all into categories for you. You can find all sorts of flash apps, app store apps, modified apps and games and much more, including Cydia tweaks and you can find out how to get all that on your device by following our TweakBox [ext link] download guide.


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    • OMGosh! Guys you don’t need to jailbreak to get paid apps free! Just search vShare in Google, it should bring up some links to a website called go to it and click on Download for jailbroken, or Download for non jailbroken!;);););););););););););););););)

    • There’s a jailbreak tool on the PC called pangu the website to get it is it works but it’s a exe. File so drag to the home screen. It works for windows and the Mac so when you open up the tool there is a box check it and press the ??? Button next to the bar then it start but first you connect the ipad before doing anything after an app called pangu appears tap on it and wait it will reboot a couple of times but after those reboots tap on the app again and it will load your jailbreak after the load is there it reboots again and presto! It’s done so pls subscribe to my YouTube channel it’s called Shen mento I got the idea for a random website but the jailbreak is only for ios 7.1/7.1.x thank you for reading this before doing anything else bye bye!

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    • You don’t need to jailbreak to get paid apps free. Just search vshare then click on it and it should take you to a download page, then download the one that says (Non-jailbroken) and then install, it’s very easy and works for iOS 7

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    • I know how to get apps for free (no cydia, no jailbreaking )
      Required devices
      -- iDevice
      -- A PC or Mac

      -- Via iDevice go to
      -- Download the app
      -- Open tongbu and download an app (any)
      -- Install the app via tongbu
      -- Open the app and you will notice Apple ID error, to solve this you must:
      -- Download tongbu app on your PC or Mac
      -- connect your iDevice
      -- open tongbu on PC or Mac
      -then on tongbu just press fix error (this button is located on the first page of tongbu PC or Mac)
      -enjoy Apple ID error fix , free apps, no jailbreak req

  7. The this doesn’t work I think it’s just the cydia app ICON not the actual app because the app doesn’t open like this AND you need to jailbreak sure it’s a pain in the ass but it WORKS dispute the fact that your I device will crash and you must “reboot” or something so yeah and btw to the others DONT GET IT THANK GOD ITS FREE. THIS SHIT IS USELESS

  8. I know how to get apps for free (no cydia, no jailbreaking )
    Required devices
    -- iDevice
    -- A PC or Mac

    -- Via iDevice go to
    -- Download the app
    -- Open tongbu and download an app (any)
    -- Install the app via tongbu
    -- Open the app and you will notice Apple ID error, to solve this you must:
    -- Download tongbu app on your PC or Mac
    -- connect your iDevice
    -- open tongbu on PC or Mac
    -then on tongbu just press fix error (this button is located on the first page of tongbu PC or Mac)
    -enjoy Apple ID error fix , free apps, no jailbreak req

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