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If you are in the habit of jailbreaking your iOS devices, then you probably already known that many jailbreak tweaks depend upon the Activator tweak to function properly. Just recently, this important tweak has received an important update, prior to which, it would crash the SpringBoard and cause the iOS 8.4 device to reboot into safe mode.

Image : Activator 8.4 Download on Cydia

activator ios 8.4

If you are already having Activator installed on your jailbroken iOS device, you just need to update it to the latest version by going to the Changes tab in Cydia and tapping the refresh button. The Activator has been updated to version 1.9.5, which makes it perfectly compatible with iOS 8.4 while bringing in new features and fixing the older issues, making it better and more stable.

However, if you are new to jailbreaking and do not have Activator on your jailbroken iOS device, then this tutorial is meant for you. As an introduction to Activator, you must know that Activator package created by developer Ryan Petrich is required by many popular tweaks as the main component for them to function properly.

Image : Activator Direct Settings on iOS 9 Home Screen

activator_ios_9 (1)

A good thing about Activator is that it is one of those tweaks which get updated and developed constantly because of the fact that the jailbreaking world just cannot make do without it. But this can, of course, be a blessing and a curse as well, as Activator’s incompatibility with a particular iOS version can cause a lot of other tweaks to not function. Fortunately, Ryan is a very dedicated developer and ensures that Activator remains ahead in the game always.

Activator is available on Ryan’s own repository and the latest version 1.9.5 is actually now fully active public version . Ryan always takes precautions with previous beta releases by announcing to the users that the upload is a pre-release tweak and can contain bugs, as is the case with beta apps and tweaks. Having said that, Ryan also encourages those who download and use the beta version of his tweak to provide bug reports and feedbacks about the potential problems of the beta releases.

Activator 1.9.5 Repo :

Activator 1.9.4 beta offered initial support for iOS 8.4 while fixing action banners. It also has got an alert dialogue now which is displayed while preventing access to the Activator APIS from other extensions and tweaks. So in case you still don’t have this amazing tweak installed in your jailbroken iOS device, follow the below-given easy steps to download and install Activator on iOS 8.4.

How to Download Activator on iOS 8.4

  1. Launch Cydia in your jailbroken iOS 8.4 device. cydia ios 9 iphone repo source add3
  2. Go to the Manage tab and select the Sources option. cydia ios 9 iphone repo source add3
  3. Next, tap on the Edit button given in the top-right corner of the screen, followed by the Add button.cydia ios 9 iphone repo source add0cydia ios 9 iphone repo source add1
  4. Add Ryan’s repo: ios 9 iphone repo source add2
  5. Now go to the Changes tab in Cydia and tap on Refresh, which will refresh the repositories. cydia changes1
  6. You now can search for Activator in Cydia and download it, or you can browse directly to Ryan’s repo from the Sources tab and download the tweak directly from there.  activator 1.9.5
  7. Just tap on the Install button given in the top-right corner of the screen. Activator will download and get installed on your iOS 8.4 device.

Activator 1.9.5 for iOS 8.4 is a great tweak which you must compulsorily have in order to run other major tweaks.

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