Docker – Add an Additional Row of Icons on iOS dock

The dock in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is a great shortcut to your favourite apps. However, the dock allows you to add only four apps, which is not enough for most of the users. And more so, especially when the bigger screen of the iPhone 6 Plus provides more space to the dock and a few more apps can be added easily.

Image : Download Docker for Double rows of Dock Icons

docker cydia app download

So in case you want to increase the number of apps in the iOS dock, you might want to try out the new Docker tweak. This tweak actually adds an extra row of icons to the iOS dock, thus expanding its capabilities.

Features of Docker Cydia Tweak :

  • Docker allows you to add 4 additional app icons to the iOS dock.
  • The best thing about this tweak is that it does not need any extra space; the extra 4 icons can be accessed just by swiping upwards on the dock.
  • Docker is an install-and-use tweak and there is no preference pane for the tweak. All the configuration can be done from the Home screen itself. Docker-576x1024
  • For activating Docker, just swipe upwards on the dock and a nice animated bottom dock drawer will appear. This drawer has four spots where you can add four additional apps into the dock.
  • You just need to tap the + symbol in the bottom drawer of the dock and tap on an app to add it in the dock.
  • You can close the bottom drawer by pressing the Home button or by swiping down on the bottom drawer.
  • If you need to remove an app from the Docker, you can do so by tapping and holding on the particular app until it wiggles and then you can remove it.
  • When you add an app to the Docker, those apps disappear on the Home screen. When you remove them from the Docker, they appear again on the Home screen.

Things to Note :

There are a few things that Docker could have done better with. For example, Docker needs to be dismissed manually by swiping or pressing the Home button. It would have been better if it could be dismissed by touching anywhere on the screen. Hopefully, the developers will add this functionality in the next update. Doesnt work well while in landscape mode on iPhone 6 plus .

Download :

All in all, it is a really useful app. It is very simple and needs no complicated setting for use. It is a must have for those who wish their iOS dock could hold more apps. So in case you want to get Docker for your iPhone, it is available on the BigBoss repo for just $1.99.

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