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Are you among those users who like all their favourite apps in one place? Don’t you hate it when you have to browse through the whole menu just to get that one app you want to use for perhaps just a few seconds? The home screen dock does give you fast access to all your favourite apps, but it is sadly limited to the home screen only. If you are looking for an app launcher that would work anywhere in any menu and any app, then DockBar is the tweak for you.

Image : DockBar from Cydia iOS 8 – Upcoming iOS 9

dockbar cydia ios 9

Features :

  • DockBar is an awesome app launcher jailbreak tweak which can be brought up and used from anywhere in the iOS. It is a very lightweight launcher and carries a slick design which makes it easy to spot it from anywhere in iOS.
  • The best thing about DockBar is its customization abilities. You need to assign a gesture to DockBar through Activator in order to bring it up. When you perform the gesture, the dock shows up on the right or the left side of your screen with all your favourite apps ready to be launched.
  • The number of apps that you can add to the DockBar is practically endless.
    dockbar ios 9
  • You also get a dedicated preferences pane with DockBar and it can be seen in the settings. From the preferences, you can enable or disable the tweak with the kill switch, or you can assign an Activator gesture for invoking it. You can add all the apps you want in the dock from the preferences pane itself. dockbar settings
  • The appearance of the dock bar can also be customized thoroughly. You can use the light theme or switch to the dark theme. Even the icon labels can be enabled or disabled. Rounded edges of the dock and dock paging can be done. You can also set the dock bar to appear on the right or the left side of the screen when you invoke it. dockbar ios 8

As said before, the best aspect of DockBar is that it can carry any number of apps that you add in the launcher. All you need to do is swipe the dock bar vertically to scroll through all the apps. You will get many other similar apps in Cydia that work similarly like DockBar, but the customization options and sleek design of DockBar makes it stand out from the crowd.

Download  :

So if you want to try out this awesome tweak, you can get DockBar on BigBoss repo in Cydia for just $0.99. Free Download is also possible by adding several 3rd party repo’s available on Cydia.

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  1. hey i got it done but once i download it then im going to add it to my ipod liarrby its not going to my ipod liarrby n theres one option is import a music .. Something like dat .. Wat should i do ?

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