DockAlpha – Adjust iPhone HomeScreen Dock Opacity

One of the most important elements in iOS is the Dock, and the Dock in iOS looks nice. It holds your favourite apps icons so that you can quickly launch them whenever you want. However, the number of icons that you can keep in the Dock are limited in stock iOS, but thankfully, the Dock can be completely customized if your iOS device is jailbroken. There are many Cydia tweaks that allow you to add more rows to the Dock for adding more icons. Then there are other tweaks that enable your to modify the look of the Dock. If you are a fan of Cydia tweaks for customizing the Dock in iOS, you should check out DockAlpha.

Image : DockAlpha – Adjust Dock Opacity on iPhone HomeScreen

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The DockAlpha tweak allows you to play around with the transparency or opacity of the iOS Dock. It is free to download and comes with nice features that help you change the look of the Dock’s appearance to make it less intrusive.

Features :

  • You can change the transparency of the iOS 9 Dock by using the DockAlpha tweak. This helps you make the Dock look more native to the whole iOS 9 UI. With this tweak, you can make the Dock look cleaner and more opaque. Making the Dock more transparent makes it less visible so that your attention is towards other things on the screen. dockalpha 2
  • When you make the Dock more transparent, it gives the Home screen a more spacious and tidier look without making a lot of changes.
  • Once the tweak is installed, you will find the preferences pane of the tweak in the stock Settings app. From there, you can configure the options of the tweak. There’s a slider in the preferences that is the transparency slider. Do note that any changes you make require a reboot to come into effect.
  • The transparency of the Dock is reduced when you slide the slider to the left. To increase the opacity, you just have to slide the slider to the right. The default settings is set to 1, which is at the right-hand end of the slider.

Download :

DockAlpha is a great tweak and lets you enjoy some modifications with the Dock while being subtle. The tweak can be downloaded from the BigBoss repo for free from Cydia. As you have to pay nothing, we suggest you try this tweak at least once and see whether it appeals to you. Let us know if you like it in the comments below.

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