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In case you do a lot of texting with your iPhone, you will agree with us that the Delete function of the iOS keyboard is not that great. When you press down the Delete key, it starts deleting letters and then starts deleting whole lines after a few seconds. If you don’t release the Delete key on time, you might end up deleting the complete typed text. Many users find this thing very irritating.

Image : DeleteCut Cydia App

deletecut cdyia ios 9

It would be great if the Delete key could delete whole words immediately instead of deleting letters. That would make deleting text much easier and quicker. If you desire such a function, there’s a tweak for you that can modify the iOS keyboard to make the Delete key better.

The DeleteCut tweak helps you delete whole words instantly by holding the Shift key and the Delete key together. It can be very helpful to those who type a lot of mails and messages on their iOS devices. So if you are interested in this tweak, go through its features below.

Features :

  • Using the DeleteCut tweak, users can delete entire words quickly. Without the tweak, you would have to press down the Delete key and wait for a few seconds before the keyboard starts deleting complete words instead of single letters.
  • Once the tweak is installed, you can configure it using the preferences pane in the stock Settings app. deletecut-settings
  • You can disable or enable the tweak in the preferences. You can even modify the color of the Delete key to the color of your choice.deletecut-setting
  • DeleteCut is extremely simple to use. It won’t work on the keyboard and you can invoke it whenever you want. If you need to delete a lot of words and want to use the tweak, just press the Shift key and the tweak will be enabled. The Delete key will change its color to the one you selected in the preferences. You can now delete whole words one by one by tapping on the Delete key, without the fear of deleting the entire text.

Download :

DeleteCut definitely does what it claims to do and is a must-have tweak if you do a lot of texting on your iPhone or iPad. You can download DeleteCut from Cydia’s BiggBoss repo for free. Make sure you first perform the iOS 9 Jailbreak on your device, as it is compulsory for installing Cydia iOS 9 . Enjoy!

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