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iOS 10 is currently on beta 3 and we expect to see the public release of iOS 10 download [ext link] sometime in September 2016. One of the new features involves a change to the Control Center and those of you who have been involved in the beta testing will be aware of what is coming up. For those that haven’t and can’t wait to see it, there is a new cydia tweak called Decorus. Obviously, you must either have a jailbroken device or be on a version of the firmware that can be jailbroken to take advantage of this great little tweak.

Image : Decorus brings iOS 10 like Control Center on iOS 9

decorus tweak

In iOS 10, the Control Center becomes less cluttered and somewhat more modular. Instead of having an edge-to-edge user interface it will be more like a popup window and accessing your settings is a little different. The main Control Center page will still have the usual toggle, shortcuts, AirPlay settings and the brightness slider. Swiping right will give you access to your music controls on their own dedicated page, showing you more information about your media than ever before, including a dedicated volume control slider.

Decorus Features :

Although Apple does their best to provide us with nice features, cydia tweak developers can always go a step or two further. However, in this case, Decorus is not a replica of the new control center nor does it give you all of the features.

  • The colors present when buttons are toggled are not included
  • Can be combined with another jailbreak tweak called Cream to get some of the color options from iOS 10 Decorus-With-Cream
  • Great looking music module, again not an exact match to iOS 10 but good enough. You get a great interface and all the main features, including the useful controls. There is no sound output selector nor is there the 30-second jump buttons that iOS 10 will provide
  • This is a cosmetic tweak rather than functional so don’t expect to get things like 3D Touch gestures included – you will get these in iOS 10 though

Configuring Decorus :

While Decorus is not the most feature packed tweak, it more than makes up for this in the options for customization. When the tweak is installed, open Settings on your device and look for the Decorus preference pane. This is where you will find all the options that let you customize the color in Decorus, including:

  • Being able to enable and disable Decorus as and when you want to
  • Turning off Zoom animations when you are playing music decorus1
  • Selecting blur and color for Control Center
  • Selecting blur and color for Music controls Decorus-Preferences-Pane
  • Selecting blur and color for the backdrop Decorus-Colored
  • Respringing to save all your changes

You will need to respring your iOS device whenever you make a change or it won’t work. The color pickers are not a set of defined colors. Instead, the teak uses LibColorPicker which allows you to set any color that you want, making it truly unique to you – no limits.


While Decorus is not an exact replica of the new Control Center in iOS 10, it is a cool new way to change the way the iOS 9 Control Center looks, right down to a custom color scheme that is unique to you.  Decorus is available in the BigBoss repository on Cydia for just $0.99 so go get it now and start hanging your Control Center for the better today. Free download also possible with repo sources from 3rd party .

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