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When Pangu released their jailbreak for iOS 9.1 , it didn’t take too long for Apple to patch it and stop it in its tracks with iOS 9.2 update. Since then, the jailbreak community has been waiting patiently for a new jailbreak and many who updated to iOS 9.2 stayed there, refusing to update beyond that in case a jailbreak was released and they lost the chance to use it.  Not long back, we heard that Taig and their counterparts, 3K Assistant, were working on a jailbreak for iOS 9.2 and claimed to have made a big breakthrough in it. However, shortly afterward, that statement was retracted with the team having to admit that they had not in actual fact, got a jailbreak for us to use.

Image : iOS 9.2 Jailbreak Update

ios 9.2 jailbreak download

At the start of July, Pangu co hosted MOSEC and we heard that they were possibly going to be releasing an iOS 9.2 jailbreak [ext link] but, again, nothing was heard and many jailbreak users began to give up hope. However, in a sudden move, Pangu has, in fact, released that jailbreak for iOS 9.2. It was developed with PP Assistant and is called PPHelper; users who updated to iOS 9.2 can download the utility now. However, if you use a Mac, you will not be able to download PPHelper as it only works on Windows at this stage. We think that there will be a Mac version released soon but, at the time of writing, there is no definite news. Also, if you only have a 32-bit device at your disposal, you cannot use the jailbreak as it will only work on a 64-bit device. This is in direct contrast to some of the solutions we saw earlier this year that would only work on the older devices – these jailbreaks were never released to the public.

How to Download Cydia iOS 9.2 :

There are two ways to download and install Cydia on iOS 9.2 firmware. Both of these methods are listed below.

Method 1 : PPHelper Jailbreak

ppjailbreak pp med

Although the utility is in Chinese, we have prepared a full English tutorial, complete with diagrams to help you download and install PPHelper on iOS 9.2 firmware. Lastly, PPHelper is released only in the Chinese language but we have been assured that Pang is working on an English-language version for release in the near future. If you want to take advantage of PPHelper and your setup is compatible with it, you can go ahead and install it today.

Method 2 : Safari Method for Cydia iOS 9.2 Download


You can follow the tutorial here for downloading Cydia without using a computer , Mac or a PC .

Stay Tuned for iOS 9.2 Jailbreak Updates :


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