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The much-hyped TaiG team has released its TaiG 2.0 jailbreak tool for iOS 8.3. The jailbreak community is fairly surprised with this move, as everybody was under the impression that they were busy making the iOS 9 jailbreak. TaiG 2.0 is available only for Windows currently and its Mac version will not take long to arrive. This jailbreak tool us compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. But wait; before you get too excited, remember that this is an early version of the tool. What this directly means is that a lot of jailbreak apps and tweaks will still not work on iOS 8.3 due to compatibility issues. This is because the TaiG team are yet to find a fix to the Cydia Substrate so that they can integrate it in the jailbreak tool itself. Update Sept 9th 2015 : To Download Cydia on iOS 8.4 , follow this tutorial here .

Image : Download Cydia on iOS 8.3 – iOS 8.1.3

cydia download ios 9

But at least TaiG did take a huge leap and surprised us all with their capabilities. So even though the jailbreak is still missing out on some needed bits, it is really worth trying. Meanwhile, we hope TaiG releases more updates to make this jailbreak even better and complete with all the features that are desired from it. So if you have got an iOS device running iOS 8 and if you are pretty excited about this jailbreak, then this guide will teach you how to download and install Cydia on your device.

Method 1 : iOS 8.1.3 upto iOS 8.4

Method 2 : iOS 8.0 upto iOS 8.1

Method 3 : iOS 8.4.1 [ Yalu Jailbreak ]

Method 1 : Download Cydia on iOS 8.1.3 – iOS 8.4

Preparing :

  1. You should be running the version 12.0.1 iTunes, which is one version older from the current one, 12.1. So if you are running iTunes 12.1, Downgrade your iTunes before going ahead.
  2. Your device must be running iOS 8.1.3 – iOS 8.3. ios-8 (3)
  3. iCloud and Passcode should be turned off. passcode lockscreen touch id
  4. Your antivirus should not target the TaiG 2.0 tool. Ensure that, or else turn your AV off till you complete the process. disable anti virus
  5. You need to run the tool as an administrator. To do this, right click the tool and click on Run as Administratortaig administrator mode
  6. If you did over-the-air (OTA) upgrade via Settings, then backup all your data, enter the DFU mode in your device, and format it with iTunes.
  7. Put your device in Airplane mode. airplane mode

Installing Cydia on iOS 8.1.3 upto 8.4 :

  1. The TaiG 2.0 jailbreak tool is unique in its features, so you must take a complete backup of your data with iTunes before moving ahead.  backup ios 8 itunes
  2. Now download the TaiG 2.0 jailbreak tool from heretaig 8.3 jailbreak
  3. Now you need to switch off the Passcode and Find My iPhone feature. Open Settings, then tap iCloud, and select Find My iPhone, then tap to switch it off. Now go back to Settings, open Passcode, enter your passcode and then Turn Passcode Off [explained above].
  4. Next, open the TaiG 2.0 tool that you downloaded in administrator mode [explained above].
  5. Now click Start and the tool will start installing the jailbreak on your device. This might take a few minutes.
    taig jailbreak 8.3 starttaig 8.3 jailbreak progresstaig 8.3 jailbreak success  
  6. Once the tool completes the process, Cydia will be successfully installed on your device.  cydia ios 9

As said earlier, some users may encounter errors with this tool, as it is an early version.

Installing Cydia on iOS 8.0 upto 8.1 :

Method 1 – Jailbreak iOS 8 and Install Cydia using Pangu Jailbreak

  1. Download the latest version of Pangu Jailbreak
  2. Once downloaded, open up the Pangu jailbreak tool [ in Administrator Mode if running Windows ]. pangu admin
  3. Unlock your device and remove any Passcode if you have one. touch id passcode iphone 6 ios 8
  4. Wait for it to Detect your iOS 8 Device.
  5. When detected, Click on the Jailbreak Button.Pangu-ios-8
  6. Pangu will now start the Jailbreak process, it will take a while. pangu8-jailbreak-5
  7. If prompted , change your device time to what the jailbreak asks to. For that go to Settings > General > Date & Time.
  8. After some time Pangu Jailbreak will ask you to unlock your device and Tap on the Pangu icon pangu icon
  9. When prompt for permission, Tap on continue.
  10. The device will reboot multiple times, which is totally normal.
  11. Once Pangu Jailbreak has done its job, you can unlock your device and Tap on the Cydia icon to to start initializing the system. cydia pangu iphone 6

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