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Although iOS 8.1.3 patched the Taig, Pangu and PP jailbreaks, those who are still on iOS 8.1.2 or lower can continue to jailbreak freely. One of the most popular reasons for jailbreaking is so that we can make aesthetic changes to our devices, making them look and feel much better and more unique. The top theming tweak on Cydia is WinterBoard and, although it received an update to support iOS 8 late last year, there haven’t been that many themes updates or submitted for iOS 8.

Image : Cydia iOS 8 Theme Download

cydia ios 8 themes

Until now. All of a sudden, there has been an influx of themes into Cydia, some new and some updated. We look at 10 of the very best iOS 8 WinterBoard themes:

  1. Simply iOS 8 – MacCiti Repo – Free

Simply iOS 8 provides us with a mix of rounded and squares app icon corners, a combination that offers a unique look. Simply-ios8-winterboard-theme

  1. 0xygen iOS 8 – MacCiti Repo – Free

This is an updated tweak, originally for iOS 7, and includes over 800 icons with a beautiful color scheme.  oyxgen_ios_8_cydia_theme

  1. 1ONE – ModMyi Repo – $2.99

One of the best themes to enter Cydia, 1ONE gives you a wide choice of options for customization, with 200 icons and 7 styles, including 3D, round and square framed. There ae 7 iWidgets and it has a dedicated settings panel. 1one cydia ios 8 theme

  1. Fusion – MacCiti Repo – Free

Fusion is a colorful theme with shadows and mellow colors. Originally for iOS 7, the update has changed the look of some of the themes.  fusion cyida ios 9 theme

  1. 1Derland HD – ModMyi Repo – Free

One of three themes by the same developer to receive iOS 8 support and is compatible with all iOS 8 devices, including the latest ones. 1Derland_WHITE_theme

  1. RocketSauce – ModMyi Repo – Free

The second of three themes by the same developer, RocketSauce has finally been updated to support iOS 8 RocketSauce_–_ModMyi_Repo

  1. 1Derland – ModMyi Repo – Free

The final of three themes from TCcentex updated with iOS 8 support and is fully compatible with all iOS 8 devices  1Derland_cydia_ios_9_theme

  1. Desire – MacCiti Repo – Free

The first of another set of three themes updated by Coccco28 and includes loads of different icons, widgets, and lots more besides. Desire_jailbreak_theme_ios_8

  1. Era – MacCiti Repo – Free

The second theme from Coccco28, Era is dark colored theme with rounded edges for the icons. era_cydia_ios_9_theme

  1. 0Ground – MacCiti Repo – Free

The final one from Coccco28, this is similar to Era but much darker 0Ground_cydia_ios_9_theme

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