Cydia iOS 10.3.1

iOS 10.3.1 download [ext link] is the latest release from Apple. It isn’t a big update, more of a bug fix and performance enhancer than anything but it does contain a few more security fixes. It is these security fixes that are putting something of a spanner in the works for the jailbreak teams but, despite Apples best efforts, they haven’t succeeded in stopping jailbreaking altogether. Now we can tell you that you can install Cydia iOS 10.3.1 and here’s how.

Image : Cydia iOS 10.3.1

How to Install Cydia on iOS 10.3.1 :

There are two methods to choose from to download Cydia iOS 10.3.1 on your iPhone or iPad.

Method 1 : Safari Browser

Don’t bother with any other browser that you may use, this is the only one that works

  1. From the home screen of your iPhone or iPad, launch the Safari browser 
  2. Go to and wait while our mobile web page opens 
  3. Now locate the UP arrow and tap on it, if you use an iPad, look at the top right of the screen and, if you use an iPhone, look at the bottom centre  
  4. You will see some new options on your screen, tap on the center one that says Add to Home Screen 
  5. Next, you need to give the icon a name so call it Cydia and tap on the Add button 
  6. Wait and when it has finished, you can close Safari and you will see the Cydia app icon on your home screen 

Video: This will show you these steps

Method 2 : Yalu Jailbreak

Yalu jailbreak was brought to us by Italian hacker and developer, Luca Todesco and he has now updated it to support Cydia iOS 10.3.1. However, before you get too excited and rush off to use Yalu, take note of the following advice first.

Image : Yalu iOS 10.3.1 Jailbreak

  1. Yalu is only compatible with 64-bit devices
  2. Cydia Impactor is required to get Yalu onto your iPhone or iPad as it can’t be directly installed. You need an Apple ID for this but you can set up a second account if you don’t want to use your main one
  3. Because Yalu is semi-untethered, you will need to reinstall Cydia every time the device gets rebooted

If you think you want to install Yalu to get Cydia onto your iOS device, check out the guide below :

Image : Cydia iOS 10.3 on iPhone

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