Download Cydia

For those looking to download Cydia on iOS firmware , follow the below tutorial for step by step process.

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Cydia is compatible with every single model of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, provided it can be jailbroken.

Download Cydia

Supported iOS Versions :

Compatible iOS Devices :

Cydia continues to grow as more and more developers join in and develop their own tweaks but it’s no longer just for iOS users to have all the fun.

How to Download Cydia :

There are several ways to download Cydia on your iPhone running iOS . All the methods are explained below in details. More methods keep adding as they are released.

Method 1: Safari Browser [ Easy Method ]

  1. First launch safari  
  2. Open the website with the download button above.cydia
  3. After the page is loaded , tap on the UP arrow at the bottom of the screen .  
  4. This will open up a new option window where you can choose “Add to Home Screen” as shown below. Tap on that  
  5. Now you get the option to save the Cydia app icon , rename it to Cydia .  
  6. After that you will get Cydia icon on your iPhone ,  iPad home screen . Tap on it to launch it .  

Video : Here is a step by step explanation of the above process

Method 2: Electra Jailbreak App [ Advanced Method ]

Please make sure that you follow the steps properly as Cydia may not be installed otherwise:

  1. Launch Safari browser and open this official link for download [ copy-paste in browser ] electra jailbreak
  2. Tap on the link to Install on the page that opens , this will allow the profile to be installed on your device
  3. When your Settings app has opened, tap on Install Profile
  4. Type your passcode in and then Safari browser will open
  5. Tap on Install Cydia and then Install to confirm your intention
  6. Settings will open, tap Install > Next > Done   
  7. Wait for the install to finish and start downloading your tweaks  

If Cydia does not install you must go back over the steps and repeat them

Method 3: Evasi0n App [ Expert Method ] 

You have to go to Evasion’s website and download the latest version of Evasion . [ link : Evasion Jailbreak ] . Install Evasion following the given instructions .

Method 3 : Taig App [ Expert Method ]

This method involved using Taig Jailbreak tool for windows. Taig is exclusively supported on Windows . They are one of the fastest jailbreak releasers . [ link : Taig Jailbreak ]

Method 4 : Pangu App [ Expert Method ]


Pangu Team is the second most popular jailbreak team after iPhone Dev . Their much popular Pangu tool is supported on both Windows and Mac OSX . You can get full step by step tutorial and latest tools here [ link : Pangu Jailbreak ] .

Stop Cydia Crashing Issue :

Cydia will crash inside of a week after you install it, and this will happen to all users. Reinstalling it will work but only temporarily and the reason why is because Apple will keep on revoking the certificates, causing Cydia to stop working, along with all your apps and tweaks. This can easily be stopped by downloading NessTool, a VPN configuration tool that stops Apple revoking the certificates. Find out how by clicking the link and following the NessTool [ Full Tutorial ] download guide.

Cydia Alternatives :

Cydia will not work on all devices but, we do have some other alternatives. Several app installers have now been released to provide a limited selection of Cydia tweaks without needing that jailbreak. Have a go with these two :

  • AppValley

AppValley is an excellent source of content, including a decent selection of Cydia tweaks, lots of modified apps, including Pokémon Go++, Instagram++ and Snapchat++ as well as a whole heap of paid content for free and loads of other apps and games. Check out the detailed information and AppValley [ext link] download guide at the link

  • TweakBox

Because TweakBox has so much to choose from, the developers have set it up in categories. There are several categories to look at, including App Store apps, modified apps, tweaked apps and a few more besides and all the apps and games in the installer can be found in one of these. Find out how to download TweakBox today by clicking on the link.

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  1. Hi I have and older iPad 9.3.5 no pc . can I get Cydia installed on my ipad ? I was gonna get Cydia . Can somebody email me a link to download cydia, I would appreciate it

  2. I have iphone 7 plus and ios 11.3, I have done both methods and both working without any issue on my iPhone and ipad.

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