Transform iOS 8 into iOS 9 with Cydia Apps

Apple has released iOS 9, which boasts of fresh never-before-seen features. Well, not all the features are new, at least not to the users with jailbroken iOS 8 . Is it a mere coincidence or not ? We don’t know. But like every new version of their iOS, Apple has added tweaks and features in iOS 9 that are inspired by the earlier jailbreaks of the OS. If you are looking to get IOS 9 like features on your jailbroken iOS 8 device , keep reading .

Image : Cydia Apps on iOS 9

ios 9 cydia features

Let’s have a look at some of the awesome iOS 9 features that Apple picked up from jailbreaks.

1. VideoPane

With a view to improving multitasking on the iPad, Apple has introduced the picture-in-picture feature with iOS 9. It enables you to scale the video screen down to one of the corners of the display when the Home button is pressed, either while watching a video or using FaceTime.

ios 9 video pane -side


This feature is inspired by the jailbreak tweak known as VideoPane, which was developed by Ryan Petrich, the popular Cydia developer. But VideoPane is better in terms of usability as it can be enabled with third-party apps too. Also, it is available for iPhone too, which the iOS 9 sadly doesn’t provide the feature for.

2. SwipeSelection


This another popular jailbreak feature developed by Kyle Howell has found its way into the iOS 9 and offers a bit better usability. It allows you to move the cursor and select text on the screen by swiping anywhere on the screen with two fingers, which is better than the original SwipeSelection’s single finger swipe gesture, which most of the time resulted in frustrating accidental swipes.

3. ShowCase

ios 9 showcase

Apple has realized finally that the users need to know whether they are typing in capitals or lower-case letters. So now in iOS 9, lower-case letters are displayed when the Shift key is off, and upper-case letters are displayed when the Shift key is turned on. Before iOS 9, the letters were always displayed in upper-case, even when Shift was turned off. It may take some time to get used to, but you can also turn off this feature. This feature is inspired by the ShowCase jailbreak tweak.

4. BattSaver


iOS 9 is reportedly better than iOS 8 in terms of power efficiency, as Apple has promised an additional one hour of juice for the iPhone 6. Also, the company has introduced a fresh Low Power Mode which will squeeze out every last bit of power from the battery to keep your phone up. This feature disables push mail, background syncing and refresh, animations, motion effects, etc. It also reduces screen brightness and performance, so even a tiny amount of power lasts long. The Low Power Mode claims to increase the battery life by a whopping 3 hours! It is picked up from a similar jailbreak tweak called BattSaver, which offered the same functionality.

5. Search Settings


The SearchSettings tweak is a popular one among the jailbroken iPhones. It provides you a search box inside the Settings app to make things easier. Apple has gone ahead and adopted this tweak in the iOS 9. Now you can search the Settings app for the specific setting which you want to change, rather than having to navigate through many different screens to do the same.

6. LastApp


Apple has done a commendable job by taking inspiration from the LastApp jailbreak tweak and incorporating it into its iOS 9. This tweak allows you two features- “Back to Search” and “Back to App”. Back to App takes you to the previous app, while back to search takes you back to the Spotlight search. This saves you a lot of time and taps.

7. ReachApp

ReachApp was the jailbreak tweak which brought true multitasking to iOS devices, a feature which was long desired by the users. Apple surely knows business and picked up this cool feature for its iOS 9. In the iOS 9, this feature brings a split-view and a slide-over view which looks a bit more polished than the ReachApp.

reachapp (1)-side

Apple is intelligent enough to learn from the jalbreakers and to move ahead with time, providing modern and better features to its users. We expect the company to keep up this spirit for the next version of iOS too, while we await the public launch of the exciting iOS 9.

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