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While the Official Apple app store is home to more than a million apps, covering categories from games, to productivity apps to business and utilities, it doesn’t have everything.  Because of the limits and restrictions that Apple places on developers, many great apps are turned away at the door, simply because Apple doesn’t want them.

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Because of this, and because of the way that Apple restricts what you can and can’t do on your iOS device, shortly after the first ever iPhone was released in 2007, the first jailbreak made its appearance.  And, with that came Cydia, the app store for the jailbreak community

For those who chose not to jailbreak, there are plenty of apps to choose from but you are limited to the official store. And, you are still restricted to what you can do with your device. Those who do choose to jailbreak are winners all the way round. Not only do they get access to Cydia and whole host of new apps to choose from, the can still use the official store as well.

On top of that, jailbreakers get to do just what they want. They can change the way their entire device looks, the way it works and give it functions that Apple simply wouldn’t dream of allowing. They can add new wallpapers and ringtones or give their entire device a new theme, all the way through.

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They can turn it into a personal hotspot, choose which browser they want to use, increase productivity, decrease wear and tear on their devices, and so much more besides. The world really is the oyster for a jailbreaker with new apps and tweaks being added to Cydia on a daily basis.

Cydia and iOS :

When iOS 7 was revealed, there were quite a large number of people who believed that it would be the death of jailbreaking. It seems that, despite being publicly against jailbreaking and doing all they can to thwart the community, Apple had once again chosen to “borrow” some of their ideas from Cydia apps.

Now, this is nothing new. To be honest, without jailbreaking, Apple wouldn’t have been able to bring you a large number of the features that have appeared on the iOS firmware over the years.  iOS 7 was different – the extent to which some jailbreak features had been included was of a level way beyond what Apple had done in the past.

In fact, at first glance, you could be mistaken for thinking anyone on iOS 7 had a jailbroken device. A closer look dispels everything that has been said about it being the end of jailbreaking though. While Apple has taken some characteristics of some of the top Cydia apps, they haven’t managed to, whether by design or fault, to give you everything that the jailbreak apps give you.

In actual fact, what Apple has done is given jailbreaking a new lease of life.  How ? It’s simple really. They have given the developers a whole new platform to work on. And, by giving us the new Touch ID fingerprint sensor, the 64-bit A7 processor and the M7 coprocessor, well, all they have done is handed developers a ton of new stuff to play with, to develop brand new tweaks and mods.

In all honesty, iOS 7 is a real door-opener for Cydia. Instead of being faced with apps that perhaps haven’t been updated for a while, now jailbreakers get to go into what is essentially a brand new store, with brand new tweaks and loads of brand new ideas.

How to Get Cydia :

There is only one way to get access to Cydia and that is to jailbreak your device. Just before Christmas last year, evad3rs released the untethered jailbreak for iOS 7, evasi0n 7 and not long afterwards we saw the release of the iOS 6.1.3 untethered utility, P0sixpwn.

Both of these will give you Cydia in all its glory. If you haven’t yet jailbroken your iOS device, read on for a full step by step guide on how to do so.

How to Jailbreak iOS :

Evasi0n Jailbreak is supported by the following devices:

  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3
  • iPad 4
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Mini 2 With Retina
  • iPod 5

Back Up your iOS device before you do anything else :  

  1. Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes
  2. Select your device and click on Device Summary
  3. Navigate to the Backup section and click on Back Up Now
  4. iTunes will back up your files and data

You can also back up your files using iCloud as well. This can either be done using iTunes as above or directly from your device:

  1. Open Settings on your Home screen
  2. Tap on iCloud
  3. Sign in with your Apple login
  4. Tap on Storage and Backup icloud backup ios 7 iphone 5s (2)
  5. Tap to enable iCloud backup if it is off and then tap on Back Up Now

The next step is to Restore your iOS device –

This is especially important if you have updated iOS 7 using the Over the Air method:

  1. Keeping your iOS device connected to your PC go back into iTunes
  2. Simultaneously hold the Home and Power buttons on your device, for 10 seconds
  3. Let go of the Power button and keep hold of the Home button until iTunes displays a Device in Recovery message
  4. Hold SHIFT or ALT key on your keyboard and click on the Restore button in iTunes
  5. Your device will now be restored to the latest firmware.

Steps to Download and Install Evasi0n 7:

For this, you will need :

  • Evasi0n – Make sure you download the correct version for your operating system
  • Your iOS device and connection cable
  • Computer with working internet
  • 5 minutes

Steps to Install Cydia :

    1. Locate and open Evasi0n on your computer. Windows users  – if you have trouble opening the app, right-click on the icon and select Run as Administrator  evasion run as admin
    2. Make sure your device is connected to your computer and shut down iTunes if it opens
    3. Evasi0n 7 will detect your device – if it doesn’t, shut everything down, disconnect and try again
    4. Once your device has been successfully detected, the Jailbreak button will become clickable – click it

    Evasi0n will now run through the jailbreak procedure :evasi0n 7 jailbreak

    1. When you are asked to, tap on the Evasi0n icon on your Home screen – this is the only time you need to touch your device or computer during the procedure.
    2. Evasi0n 7 will continue with the process until your device is jailbroken and the Cydia icon appears on your Home screen.

    If you are still on iOS 6.1.3, you can follow the guide here to successfully jailbreak your device using P0sixpwn.

    How to Use Cydia

    When you have jailbroken your device the first thing you will want to do is get straight into Cydia and download some of those tweaks you’ve been hearing about. Cydia requires a little time to set up first so tap on the Cydia icon to open it.

    cydia ios 9 home iphone 6s

    You will not be able to get straight into Cydia the first time; instead, you will be faced with a message saying “initializing filesystem”.  This is Cydia loading up all its files and setting itself up for use. When this is complete, Cydia will close down and you will be taken back to your springboard, or Home screen.


    Tap on Cydia to open it again. Now you will be asked to choose which kind of user you are – User, Hacker or Developer. Unless you definitely are one of the latter two, tap on User.  This will give you access to all the basic apps and tweaks – everything you need to customize your iOS device.

    cydia ios 7 hacker user developer

    Now you can start downloading your apps. Cydia will take you to the app home screen where you can choose what you want to do. Unless you know which repository an app is in, it’s best to just tap on the Search icon at the bottom right of the screen and type in the name you are looking for.  cydia ios 7 (2)

    To install an app, select the one you want from the search results. This will bring it up on your screen.

    1. Tap on Install at the top right of your screen cydia ios 7 install tweakcydia repo add confirm
    2. Tap on Confirm, also at the top right of the screen, on the next page
    3. Your chosen tweak or app will now download.
    4. When it has installed, tap on the button at the bottom – sometimes it will say Return to Cydia and sometimes Restart your Springboardios 7 cydia return to cydia

    How to Add Additional Repos

    Sometimes, the app you want will not be in one of the default repositories so you will need to add a new one to Cydia :

    1. Open Cydia
    2. Tap on Manage 
    3. Tap on Sources 
    4. Tap on Edit
    5. Tap on Add 
    6. Type in the URL of the repository you want to add – make sure you get this exactly right
    7. Tap Add Source 
    8. Once installed you can go ahead and install the tweak you are looking for.

    Top iOS Jailbreak Apps

    When the jailbreak for iOS 7 was released, there weren’t too many tweaks with support for iOS 7. That has changed over the last few weeks and, as well as some of the best tweaks being updated with support we also have some brand new ones that have been developed specifically for iOS 7.  There are a few that are only for those devices with the Touch ID sensor and the A7 processor as well.


    We have detailed our top 20 best iOS 7 jailbreak apps in a separate post, although there are many more to choose from. And, tweaks with support for iOS 7 are being added every day so make sure you check back regularly for details of the best.

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