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BiteSMS has set the standard for messaging jailbreak tweaks, but with BiteSMS being absent from the messaging scenario, the large gap left by the quick compose and quick reply tweak for jailbroken iPhones is now being filled by Couria. However, Couria is no slouch either, as it is very good at this job and in a few respects, even better than biteSMS.

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couria sms app bitesms alternative

Couria is a very lightweight tweak, something which is always appreciated. It is quick, simple to use, and covers the stock Messages application beautifully with a perfect fit. These simple reasons make Couria arguably the best way to quick compose and quick reply along with the stock Messages app.

You can start using Couria immediately after installing it. When a Messages app notification banner is received, you just need to swipe down on that banner and you will find the sparkling new interface of quick reply which also contains the whole context of the particular conversation that you are engaged in.

You can use Activator too with Couria. All you need to do is go to Activator and assign Couria a particular gesture. You can then perform that gesture whenever you want to compose messages quickly. The quick compose interface contains the list of your recently used contacts. You can also enter a specific contact if you want.

Couria Features :

Couria is a very lightweight tweak, but you will be happy to know that the customization options aren’t less by any means. For instance, you can customize the color of the outgoing and incoming chat bubbles along with the color of the text. There are three distinct themes for Messages app to choose from- custom, outline (the Couria standard), and the original.

Couria-iOS-8 (1) couria_black

As expected, Couria works right from the Lock Screen too. The tweak includes preferences like a switch for enabling authentication, which will ask for your passcode or Touch ID verification before you are allowed to reply to a message.

Couria is not meant to be limited to the Messages app. It comes with an API for other developers who can use Couria with other messaging apps. What it means that there is a possibility of having Couria add-on extensions for popular messengers like WhatsApp, Line, etc. in the future.

How to Free Download :

To make things more exciting, Couria is available as a free tweak on the BigBoss repository. This makes Couria an even more unavoidable tweak. It’s light, fast, works as advertised, and it does not cost anything. It is hands-down the best quick compose and quick reply tweak on Cydia right now, and it is surely worthy of replacing biteSMS.

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  1. That’s great. But I really miss the delayed SMS send function of BiteSMS. Seems no one has duplicated that. Anyone knows otherwise?

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