ControlPane Tweak gives Quick iOS Settings Access

Cydia tweaks like CCToggles and CCControls and many other such tweaks add to the Control Center some additional toggles which provide instant access to a few iOS Settings. And to add to this family of really useful Cydia Tweaks has been launched the brand new jailbreak tweak named ControlPane. This new tweak does all the CCToggles and CCControls do, but it also takes the user control little further into your hands so that you can view all the toggles with some more additional settings from within an easy to access and convenient view.

Image : Download Cydia Tweak ControlPane

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Features :

The major features of this new tweak are covered below .

  • ControlPane has a sidebar which covers almost half of the screen and an Activator gesture is used for invoking it. All the important toggles which are used frequently are displayed in the sidebar, like WiFi, Location Services, Cellular Mode, Vibration, Airplane Mode, and much more.
  • Apart from these toggles, some additional settings are also given in sidebar, such as the power off button and the respring button coupled with two sliders to adjust the volume as well as the brightness level of the screen. ControlPane-tweak
  • When you bring in the ControlPane, it slides in from either side of the screen as per your gesture action. It can also be invoked by pressing down and holding the Sleep/Lock button and ControlPane will come up instead if the Power Off slider. controlpane-cydia
  • After you have installed ControlPane, you get a dedicated preferences pane in it which allows you to enable or disable the sidebar with the kill switch toggle, set an Activator gesture for invoking the tweak, and choosing the theme for ControlPane.

It is recommended that if you are installing ControlPane, it is better to set the Activator gesture [ext link] to swipe from right or left edge of the screen to bring up the tweak. It will feel more realistic when opening the sidebar.

Some other additional customizations also come in with the tweak, like changing the sidebar’s position to right instead of left, showing separators, showing confirmation alerts while performing an action, etc.

The best part about the tweak is its blur background, which makes it look and feel native to the device. But the tweak is not mature and has got a bug. The bug prevents the Control Center from opening when the user swipes up right from the bottom of the screen. However, there is a way around this bug by locking the device and unlocking it again so that the Control Center functions again properly. The tweak is perfect otherwise and supports iOS 8 devices. We can say that if the bug is resolved, this tweak can surely get a place on the best iOS Cydia Tweaks.

Download :

So in case this tweak looks tempting to have on your device, you can get it from the BigBoss repository of Cydia at just $1.99. Free download available via 3rd party repos .

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