NES Controller based LockScreen Unlock App

Do you remember the old NES games controllers ? Now, of you have jailbroken your iOS device you can get a cydia tweak that gives you an unlocker for your lock screen, one that looks just like one of those old controllers. You can then customize it to unlock your device, even though the controller does not feature a START button.  Have a quick look at this walk-through video.

Image : NES Controller based LockScreen Unlocker


As soon as you have installed Control Unlocker you can go into the preferences and set your custom input demands.  You can also place text on the controller and you will find that handy kill switch in there as well, in case you want to shut it down. Go into your Settings app and locate Control Unlocker. Tap on it to open and you will see three options – the  kill switch, sequence setter and text input. Tap on the sequence setter to wipe out the default contra code and put your own in.

Video : Here is a Video of the Tweak in Action

Control Unlocker requires this sequence to work but, if you already have a passcode set  you’ll need to use both as the tweak does not replace your existing passcode. You could set it so that a pinch gesture would be used to bypass the tweak but then you may as well not bother downloading it.

If you don’t have a passcode lock already set, however, this is a great little tweak to use, bringing functionality, fun and novelty to your device.

Download NES Controller Unlocker :

You can get Control Unlocker from the BigBoss repos on Cydia. It was listed as $0.99 but the developer, Stevie Hetelkides has decided to make it into a freebie instead.

If you have not yet jailbroken your iOS device but want to give this tweak a go, follow our tutorials to safely and properly jailbreak using the correct utility to do so.

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