Comex Releases Cydia Alternative called iMods

In December 2014, we heard about a new attempt at providing an alternative to Cydia, called iMods. This isn’t the first time that someone has tried to produce an alternative jailbreak app store but none of them have ever gone anywhere and it was widely believed that this one wouldn’t either. However, in January, we heard that Comex had joined the iMods team.

Image : Comex JailbreakMe Developer working for iMods Team

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Comex is a well-known developer and, following a refusal by Saurik to gain access to Mobile Substrate, he joined the team to work on an alternative, called “Substitute”.  Where Mobile Substrate is closed source, this would be an open source version and now, the Alpha version has been released.  There is still a lot of work to be done on it and the release notes do state that this version is not stable.

iMods is still under construction as well but, when it is built and coupled with Substitute, it could prove to be a worthwhile alternative to Cydia.  Saurik has, effectively, turned his back on iMods and Comex following a conversation with the latter, during which it was made clear that Cydia is outdated. Since then, Saurik has produced an update to Cydia that modernizes and cleans it up somewhat, making it a little more user friendly.

Download : Cydia iOS 8 Alternative Substrate

cydia ios 8 alternative

It will be interesting to see if, once ready to go live, iMods and Substitute have what it takes to provide a serious challenge to Cydia. Cydia has been a part of jailbreaking since the very beginning and it may take more than a little effort to persuade Cydia users that iMods is worth them switching over.  From what we have seen of iMods so far, it looks very clean and simple, and has a user interface that is very similar to the Apple iOS app store – something that users may well be looking for and Cydia could struggle to maintain its hold.

If you are interested in looking at Substitute, you can find the Alpha source code on Comex’s own GitHub repository. Do bear in mind that it is in no way complete at this stage and there is much development needed before it can be installed on any device bar that of a developer or tester.  We’ll keep our ears to the ground for more information but tell us if you would consider switching to iMods.

Stay Tuned for iMods Download Tutorials :

Source : Github

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