Clex 3 – Better Music Management for iPhone

If you are a music lover and spend several hours listening to your favourite tracks on your iOS device, you will agree that the Music app looks a bit bland and boring. It has got too old and needs some refreshment. Well, if you are using a jailbroken iOS device, we have got an awesome tweak for you that can enhance your music experience on your iOS device.

Image : Clex 3 – Better Music Management for iPhone

clex 3 cydia tweak

Clex 3 is a popular Cydia tweak that helps you control music in your iOS device in an easier way. The tweak matches very well with the iOS 9 UI and feels native. So let’s check out the feature of this amazing app.

Features :

  • The Clex 3 tweak brings two controllers to the iOS interface that allow you to control the playback, download lyrics for the song currently playing, and play other tracks from the same artist.clex3-4
  • You can invoke the first controller by doing a right-swipe on the screen, while the second one can be brought up with a swipe to the left. You will get different functions with both the controllers, and it’s easier once you get familiar with the functions of both. Basically, you get the music controls on the first controller, while the second controller aka Clexboard offers various plugins. clex3-1
  • Talking about the Clexboard, you get four plugins currently- Albums, Songs, iTunes, and Playlists.
  • The Songs plugin shows you all the tracks that you currently have on your iPhone. After you select a song, you will get an indicator right over the artwork. Tapping on the Song label will show your the track that is playing currently. clex3-3
  • The Albums plugin is a collection of all the albums, and you can choose the album or tracks from here.
  • The iTunes plugin shows you the tracks that are currently on top of the charts in iTunes. It allows you to search for tracks and preview them.
  • The Playlists plugin gives you a list of all the playlists, and you can check out each playlist as to which tracks it has.

The Clex 3 tweak, unfortunately, is supported only on an iPhone running iOS 9 or later. iOS 7 users can install Clex, while iOS 8 users can get Clex 2. The tweak does not work with the iPad.

Download : 

You can download and install Clex 3 from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Do not forget to check for updates regularly as the tweak will be getting some new plugins soon.

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