ClassicSwitcher 3 – Bring iOS 6 AppSwitcher to iOS 9

A lot of users keep complaining that the iOS 9 App Switcher isn’t good at all and the one in iOS 8 or iOS 6 was much better. It is just that not all people like the way the App Switcher looks and feels in iOS 9, and a lot of them wish to go back to the older version. As you know, it is not possible to downgrade your iOS version. But if you are using an iOS device that is jailbroken, you can get the iOS 6 App Switcher back.

Image : ClassicSwitcher 3 – Bring iOS 6 AppSwitcher to iOS 9

classic switcher 3 tweak

A popular Cydia tweak called the ClassicSwitcher 3 replaces the App Switcher in iOS 9 with the iOS 6 App Switcher. In case you don’t know, this tweak was earlier compatible with iOS 8 only, but the developer later updated it to be compatible completely with iOS 9. Let’s check out the features of this wonderful tweak.

Features :

  • ClassicSwitcher 3 replaces the App Switcher in iOS 9 with the old App Switcher found in iOS 6 as preferred by a lot of users. What you get is that the preview cards of the iOS 9 App Switcher are not there anymore, and the App Switcher shows app icons-only just like in iOS 6. classicswitcher3-1
  • Though the iPhone and iPad are compatible with this tweak, ClassicSwitcher 3 does not work with the iPod Touch.
  • The tweak brings opening animations, overlay styles, and multiple rows. You also get the function that enables you to close all the apps with a swipe
  • The tweak also supports landscape modeclassicswitcher3-2
  • The number of icons displayed in each row can be changed as per your choice.
  • ClassicAppSwitcher 3 adds media controls to the App Switcher, which makes it easier to change tracks and pause/play the musicclassicswitcher3-3
  • You get classic and modern modes in the tweak along with an option to choose between a linen or checked pattern.
  • Many users will find it interesting that the tweak brings the same animation as in the original iOS 6 App Switcher.
Many iOS users don’t find the new iOS 9 App Switcher attractive as the running apps are shown in the form of preview cards. Those users can use ClassicSwitcher 3 to bring back the iOS 6 App Switcher and get a quick overview of the running apps on a single page in icons style. Also, we find the idea of quitting all apps at once very cool.

Download :

If you are using a jailbroken iOS 9 device and want to download ClassicSwitcher 3, you can get it from Cydia.

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