CCMore – Add Quick Launch Apps to Control Center

You must be already knowing that the Control Center allows you to quickly launch some apps like Camera, Time, and Calculator through the Quick Launch section located just at the bottom of the interface. With CCMore, you can literally get more, as this new jailbreak tweak allows you to integrate Quick Launch apps right within the Control Center. The CCMore tweak is very popular among Cydia users, so let’s have a look at what it packs inside.

Image : CCMore Tweak from Cydia

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Features :

  • With the CCMore tweak, you can access and interact with the apps in Quick Launch right from the Control Center. For example, when you install the CCMore tweak, the Calculator interfaced will get displayed right inside the Control Center, making it so quick to do your calculations directly without having to actually open the Calculator app. ccmore2-side
  • If you want to use a Quick Launch app, you just have to go to the Control Center and perform a left swipe to view the Notes, Camera, Calculator and Timer. One app is displayed with each swipe.
  • With the CCMore tweak, you can just swipe up on the particular app icon in Quick Launch to switch to the app directly without having to perform several swipes. Alternatively, you can also tap and hold on the app icon to switch to it. ccmore5-side
  • The CCMore tweak adds an extra Quick Launch icon through which you can access the Notes app quickly for jotting down your memos and notes at a moment’s notice.
  • After you install CCMore, you can find its dedicated preferences pane in the stock Settings app. The preferences allow you to turn on the tweak or turn it off via the kill switch toggle. You can also choose to display five icons at once inside the Control Center. There is also an option to choose the default page which opens up when the Control Center is launched. ccmore1
  • When you enable the five icons view, the Quick Launch icons will overlap onto each other slightly in order to fit in a single row. The fifth icon is for the new shortcut to the Notes app added by CCMore.

Download :

CCMore is a really interesting and quite useful tweak which takes shortcuts a bit further by giving direct access to the Quick Launch apps right inside the Control Center. So if this tweak sounds really useful to you, you can get it from the BigBoss repo in Cydia at the price of $1.99. Free download also possible by downloading it through 3rd party repo’s.

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