CamTouch – New 3D Touch Shortcuts on iPhone

Thanks to the new 3D Touch feature in the latest iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, users can now perform quick actions and bring up shortcuts to save time and perform functions quickly. Doing a 3D Touch press on an app icon brings up a Quick Actions menu that offers a shortcuts for the app’s functions.

Image : CamTouch brings New 3D Touch Shortcuts on iPhone Camera

camtouch cydia tweak

Similarly, the Camera app icon in the latest iPhones also shows up four shortcuts when you perform a 3D Touch gesture on it. The options that come up are Record Slo-mo, Record Video, Take Selfie, and Take Photo. By default, the Quick Actions menu can accommodate only four options, which is a bit of disappointment for those who don’t like to be limited in such ways and want more from their camera app.

Image : Stock iOS 9 3D Touch Menu on Camera App

camtouch 2

But if you are a jailbreak user, we have that sorted out for you. A new jailbreak tweak called CamTouch lets you increase the number of shortcuts in the Camera app’s 3D Touch menu. Given below are the features of the tweak.

Features :

  • With the CamTouch jailbreak tweak, the 3D Touch menu of the Camera app gets more options.
  • Two new options are added to the Camera app’s shortcut menu. One option lets you record a time-lapse video, while the other one lets you take Panoramic photos. CamTouch-577x1024
  • The CamTouch tweak requires you to install the UnlimShortcut tweak as a compulsory requirement. This tweak waives of the four-shortcuts limit and lets other tweaks add more options to the 3D Touch shortcut menus.
  • The configuration pane of UnlimShortcut lets you adjust the row title font size, content width, and row and icon height of the shortcuts.
  • Once you have got the CamTouch and UnlimShorcut tweaks installed, you will find that the Camera app’s 3D Touch menu gets a total of six items, including the two new ones for Panorama and Time-Lapse.

Download :

Needless to say, the CamTouch tweak works only for iOS devices having 3D Touch, which are the latest iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Also, you must first install UnlimShortcut and only then will the CamTouch tweak work. Perhaps that’s the only weakness of the CamTouch tweak that it relies on another tweak to function, and we would have loved installing just one tweak to get the feature CamTouch provides. But otherwise, it’s a perfect tweak.

What’s great though is that CamTouch is available for free at the BigBoss repo in Cydia. So if you feel the need to have more options in the 3D Touch menu of the Camera app icon, you should get this tweak.

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