Texting while Walking ? Problem Solved with CamText

Are a very uncoordinated person ? Or do you really not pay attention to where you are walking while texting ? If yes, and if you have bumped into people and had to say sorry just because you were busy texting and could not concentrate on the path, a new jailbreak tweak is out which will solve your problem.

Image : CamText Cydia App

texting while walking cydia app

The new jailbreak tweak named CamText lets you do your texting in the stock Messages app, but gives you a live camera background. Obviously, the use for this tweak is to keep its users safe from any obstacles or hazards while they are texting when walking on a busy road.

Features :

camtext1 (2)camtext1 (1)

CamText has hit the bull’s eye, as texting does demand for attention a lot of times and many people who just are too busy to sit and text prefer to do it while walking to their destinations. So being able to see where you are walking without having to take your eyes off from the screen is a real plus for many users.

Camtext2 (1)

The amazing tweak gives you a live view of your surroundings using the background of your Messages app, so it becomes easy to keep an eye on the possible obstacles while using the other eye to coordinate with your hands to keep the conversations flowing.

After installing CamText, you will need to browse to iOS Settings app in your iPhone to find the settings for this tweak. Once you get in the CamText preferences, a kill-switch toggle will be there for disabling or enabling CamText. You will also find a transparency slider to adjust the background of the Messages app.

CamText-2 (1)

When you drag the transparency slider further to the right, you will be able to see more of the camera background. If you move the slider towards the left, the camera background becomes less visible or intrusive and the chat bubbles become darker. So the quality control is in your hands.

Download :

While CamText is a brilliant tweak, it is not the first one in its league and the App Store houses a lot of similar apps that do exactly what CamText does. However, CamText deserves recognition because it is truly the first iteration of this concept in the stock Messages app. So in case you are an avid texter or have bad texting habits, you must really try CamText at least one. It is available at BigBoss’s repo for $1.50 . Free Download is also possible by adding several 3rd party repo’s available on Cydia. Also try out Ariki App , thew new CamText alternative .

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