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Security is a huge issue these days, especially on mobile devices. While many of us rack our brains, trying to think of complicated passwords or codes that nobody else could possibly fathom out, sometimes the simplest of solutions is the best one.

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A new jailbreak tweak called Callisto bring us a very simple solution for security on the iPhone or iPad – setting the time as your passcode. This is by no means a new idea many will remember a previous tweak, called TimePasscode. However, this hasn’t been updated with iOS 9 support meaning it won’t work on 6-digit passcodes.

Callisto steps into the breach, supporting iOS 9 and providing several features that help you work round the 6-digit passcode so you don’t need to downgrade back to the old 4-digit one just to get your hands on this tweak.

Once you have installed Callisto, it will detect your passcode as soon as it is entered for the first time. After that, you can begin to use the current time as a passcode – for example, if the current time were 7:27 pm, you would enter a passes of 0727. Callisto also includes a number of features for those who use the 6-digit passcode.


Configuring Callisto is easy; just go to your Settings app and open up the preference pane for the app. Here you can enable or disable the tweak and you will also see configuration options for both 4 and 6-digit passcodes:

4-Digit Passcodes

The options for configuration include :

  • Reversing the passcodeCallisto-preferences_2
  • Opting to use your own passcode in place of the time
  • Offsetting the time for the passcode

If you opt to use your current passcode, think about reversing it for increased security. The time offset option is useful too – if the time is 5:00 pm and you feel that 0500 is going to be too easy, you can offset by any amount of time. For example, you could choose 5 minutes and, at 5:00 pm you would enter 0505 instead.

6-Digit Passcodes

For those using the 6-digit passcode, you get the same options as the 4-digit passcode with the addition of one extra – configuring Magic Digits. This last one enables you to:

  • Set the last 2 digits of the passcode as 00
  • Pick custom numbers for the last two digits
  • Add up the double digits for the current minute and hour to put double digits at the end of the passcode

For example, if the time were 10:22 AM, this setting would add up the 10 and the 22 to make 32, giving you your last two digits. For this your passcode would be 102232.

Download :

Callisto offers a more secure way of protecting your iOS device from hacking. It is compatible with all jailbroken device on iOS 8 or iOS 9 and can be purchased from the BigBoss repository for just $1.49. What do you think of this idea for security ? Let us know in the comments box below and stay up to date with all the latest news by subscribing to our newsletter and following us on Twitter and Facebook.

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