CallBar – Get Notifications Style Calling Option on iPhone

Isn’t it really annoying when you are doing something really urgent or important on your iPhone and you receive a call at that exact moment. On one hand, the task you were doing is really important, while on the other hand, you cannot enable the Airplane mode too. In such cases, CallBar comes really handy.

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CallBar is a famous jailbreak tweak that changes the incoming call view in such a way so that the call does not disturb the task that you are doing currently on your iPhone. This amazing tweak got an update today to support iOS 8, so it is worth going through its features again while knowing what’s new in the update.

Features of CallBar :

  • The incoming call view is redesigned by CallBar so that you keep doing your current task on the iPhone while the call notification does not interrupt you. 
  • With CallBar, the incoming call will not take up the whole screen. Notification of the incoming call will be displayed in a half-sized popup.CallBar-ios_9 (1)
  • The popup banner displays options like dismiss, decline, and answer, so that you can choose to receive the call, dismiss the notification or decline the call while still doing your work.
  • Also, if you accept the call, you still use the iPhone during the call to perform the usual functions via the iOS call screen, like accessing the dialer, muting the call, adding more people to the call, starting FaceTime, etc.
  • This tweak also enables you to record your calls with just a button.CallBar-ios_8 (1)
  • When not using the popup banner, you can just swipe up on it to hide it and bring it back when you need it.
  • CallBar has been updated today and it now supports iOS 8 along with providing support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
  • iPad is also supported but obviously for FaceTime calls only.
  • The iOS 8 version of CallBar is integrated with the Notification Center now, so you just have to pull the CallBar down to check your notifications.
  • With CallBar, you will not have to launch the Phone app in order to view the recent call data, dialer, contacts, voicemail, and favorites.  CallBar-for-iOS-9

Download CallBar :

CallBar is a really nice tweak and very useful indeed, especially for those who don’t like to be interrupted by calls while using their iOS devices for other important tasks. You can get this amazingly designed CallBar tweak from Cydia at $3.99. Free download also possible by adding 3rd party repo’s . Remember that if you have the iOS 7 version already, you don’t need to buy it again as the iOS 8 version will be a free update for you.

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