How to Buy Paid Cydia Apps

As anyone within the jailbreak community knows, Cydia is home to all of the tweaks , apps, themes and mods that we use to customize our jailbroken iOS devices. Without jailbreaking and without Cydia on iOS , the iPhone and the iPad would be just as Apple wants them to be : Un-customizable, Standard and, perhaps, just a  little Boring and static.

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About Cydia :

Cydia houses thousands upon thousands of tweaks, most of which are free tweaks . However, every now and gain you will come across a really great tweak that costs money. Jay Freeman, the man behind Cydia and also better known sometimes as Saurik, has made the process of purchasing Cydia tweaks easy. Here’s how to do it .

Steps to Purchase Cydia Apps :

  1. Launch Cydia and find the tweak you want to purchase . Popular Cydia tweaks are mostly paid . Here in this example we are choosing Barrel app [image below] which is a popular animation app for iOS devices .
  2. Tap on it and look for the Purchase button at the top of the screen – check the price as well buy cydia apps tweaks5
  3. Tap the Purchase button and then choose whether to login through Facebook or Google . We choose Google for our transaction . buy cydia apps tweaks4 buy cydia apps tweaks3
  4. Approve your Cydia app to access the Google account info for billing purposes and linking it to your login’s so the apps could be downloaded again every time you jailbreak and delete cydia and re-install it .buy cydia apps tweaks2buy cydia apps tweaks1
  5. Now choose your preferred payment option – Amazon or PayPal and you will be transported to the relevant website . We choose Paypal for this tutorial .  Put in your payment details for your account on Paypal as shown in the image below . buy cydia apps tweaks0
  6. Wait for the payment to be processed – you will see Payment Successful which confirms your purchase
  7. Tap Back to go back to the information page for your chosen tweak . There you will see confirmation of your purchase and also confirmation that future updates of the tweak will be free, provided the developer has deemed it so. Below you get the Barrel tweak on iOS .barrel-download

Popular Cydia Tweaks to Download :

Some of the more popular themes and tweaks that you will most definitely want but will have to pay for are MultiplexerAltKeyboard , Velox and BattSaver . Have a look at our guides to the best Cydia tweaks and the best Cydia Repos and, for those of you that are new to jailbreaking, take a look at our guide to Cydia. You can also follow our tutorials to safely jailbreak your iOS device on iOS 6 upto iOS 9 using Evasi0n , Redsn0w or Pangu .

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