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Another lock screen tweak has been released by Jacob Caraballo. It’s called BuddyLock and it makes your lock screen even more functional. Buddylock lockscreen app from Cydia allows you to open apps directly from the lock screen, change your themes and access widgets, playlist and contacts quickly and easily.

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You can choose to have between 1 and 5 apps to open from the lock screen, which are changeable whenever you want different ones. However, if you want more than 5 all you do is add in a feature called Folder.  This will take the place of your 5th app and will contain all the others you want quick access to. You can store an extra 4 in the folder and, by hovering over the icon, the apps will be revealed.

Other customization’s include being able to change the color theme, the font and how opaque you want the new white date header to be. You can also change the size and opacity of the lock screen icons.

Access to your contacts, widgets and playlists is easily set up and are accessible via a simple swipe to the left or right on the screen.  You can hide things on the lock screen to clear it up a bit and you can get rid of notifications with a swipe. All of these settings can be accessed by going to your Settings App and locating BuddyLock. Just tap to change the settings.

Have a look at this short video showing you BuddyLock in actions:

BuddyLock is only for jailbroken devices. It’s a cool tweak that gives you so many more functions on your lock screen without having to mess around unlocking the screen and wasting valuable time. You can get it from the BigBoss repo on Cydia for just $0.99. Download in the normal manner, restart your springboard and start customizing your lock screen.

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