Brevis – Jailbreak Tweak to Customize 3D Touch Menu

Ever since the iOS 9 jailbreak came out, developers have concentrated their focus on producing 3D Touch tweaks, including those that give you new items in your menus and bringing support for 3D Touch to older iOS devices. Well now we have a new one, called Brevis.

Image : Brevis Jailbreak Tweak Customizes 3D Touch

brevis tweaks

Brevis give you the ability to customize the menu for 3D Touch in a number of ways, including changing font and icon sizes, hiding or showing text and generally making it look exactly how you want. When you install Brevis, a Preferences pane is added to your Settings app, where you can configure a number of options to make Brevis unique to your needs. Those options include:

  • Enabling or disabling Brevisbrevis1
  • Hiding the text on the menu items so only the icon is shown
  • Enabling or disabling the Blur from the background of the 3D touch menu
  • Enabling or disabling the highlight on the menu
  • Change the size of the iconsbrevis2
  • Change the font size on the text on the title and the subtitle individually
  • Enable or disable smooth animations when opening the menu and closing it
  • When you have made all the changes you want to, head back to the main preferences page and tap Save to Activate Changes. 


Brevis is the perfect tweak for those who want to make their 3D Touch menu look better but, while there are plenty of options for customization included, there is still room for more. The developer does say that more options will be included in future updates to the tweak; perhaps they will give us the option to change the color of the text, or get rid of menu items for chosen apps to name just a couple.

Download :

The beauty of Brevis is that you can use it on any jailbroken device with 3D Touch enabled like the iPhone 6s and 6S Plus, and you can use it in conjunction with other jailbreak tweaks that allow you to support 3D Touch on an older device. If you want to give Brevis a try, you can get it from the BigBoss repository on Cydia for just $1.

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