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The Apple logo is the sign of excellence, quality, and premium products. However, the boot logo in iOS is something that we have been seeing since many years. It’s not like the Apple logo does not look modern or stylish; it definitely does. But wouldn’t it be better if users get a chance to customize the Apple logo a bit ? That would add some freshness to the reboot screen, wouldn’t it? Well, now you can, as there is a new jailbreak tweak out for that purpose.

Image : BootLogoCustomizer on iPhone 6

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Named as the BootLogoCustomizer, this new Cydia tweak allows iOS users to customize the colors of the Apple logo which appears in the boot screen. This customization is allowed through a dedicated yet simple preference pane of the tweak which can be found inside the stock Settings app.

Please note though that this tweak will not let you customize the Apple logo which comes up on a fresh first boot. You can only customize the logo which appears on the screen after a reboot. The customized logo will be displayed after  the unmodified Apple logo is there on the screen for a few moments.

How BootLogoCustomizer Works :

  • BootLogoCustomizer lets you change the logo color and the logo background color that appears on a reboot.
  • After installing the tweak, you need to go to the stock Settings app where you will find the preference panel for BootLogoCustomizer. bootlogocustomizer1
  • The preferences include a kill-switch for the tweak and two separate sections for customizing the boot logo background color and the boot logo color. There is an Apply Changes button too, which applies your settings and reboots the device.BootLogoCustomizer-Preferences-main-577x1024
  • The color picker which comes inside the preferences panel of the tweak makes it easy to customize the logo and the logo background colors.
  • In case you have got the hex color value of your desired color, you can just tap on the # sign given in the upper right-hand side of the color picker screen. This will allow you to enter the hex color value which will give you the exact desired color. Boot-Logo-Customizer (1)
  • After you have selected the colors of your choice, just tap the Apply Changes button and the device will restart, showing you the customized logo screen.
  • You will now see the customized background every time you respring the device.bootlogocustomizers

As mentioned earlier, this tweak doesn’t change the default boot logo, because that is outside the boundaries of Cydia Substrate. It will show the default boot logo for a few moments and then the customized logo and logo background will be displayed when Cydia Substrate is loaded.

Download :

So in case this tweak looks interesting to you, you can get it from the BigBoss repo in Cydia for just $1. Free download also possible via 3rd party repo’s . For more tweaks and news about Cydia , Subscribe and Follow us on Facebook .

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