BlacklistSwitcher – Hide Apps on iPhone AppSwitcher

The iOS App Switcher shows you all the apps that are running on your device in the background, and along with that, you also get to see the preview of those apps. Now that preview is something that is not liked by everyone. The app previews showed in the App Switcher are displayed directly on the screen, which means that they can be seen by others as well, which might result into a privacy issue.

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If you want the contents of your apps hidden in the App Switcher, you should try out a popular jailbreak tweak called BlacklistSwitcher9. The tweak is quite interesting; given below are its features.

Features :

  • The BlacklistSwitcher9 tweak, as its name suggests, enables you to blacklist your chosen apps that you do not want to see in the App Switcher.
  • Once you put some apps in the blacklist, you will find that the preview card for that app does not appear in the App Switcher. As a result, the private contents in your phone remain private, which otherwise might get revealed to people standing by your side when you open up the App Switcher.
  • After installing BlacklistSwitcher9, the preferences pane for the tweak gets added to the stock Settings app of your iOS device. The tweak can be disabled or enabled from there. blacklistswitcher9-2
  • For hiding an app in the App Switcher, you need to go to the preferences of the tweak and select the Forbidden Applications option. You will see a list of all the applications that are currently installed on your iOS device. Now choose those apps that you want to be hidden from the App Switcher.
  • Once you have put all the apps you want into the blacklist, your job is done. The tweak begins working instantly and no respring is needed. Now go to the App Switcher and you will see that the changes are made, and that the preview of the apps that you blacklisted isn’t shown in the App Switcher.
  • A downside of this tweak is that once you add an app to the blacklist, it gets hidden from the App Switcher, which means you cannot close that app from the App Switcher.

Video : BlacklistSwitcher9 in Action

Download :

If you really worry about the app previews in the App Switcher compromising your private and confidential information, then BlacklistSwitcher9 is the right tweak for you. You can buy BlacklistSwitcher9 for just $0.99 from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Free download also possible via 3rd party repo sources.

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