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Blackberry Messenger has finally hit the App store for download onto your iOS device. It’s been in the pipeline for the last few months now, with much being made of a feature unique to BlackBerry being made cross-platform. It would appear that, for BlackBerry, a Company that was once king of the hill, this is a last-ditch attempt to keep their name in the public eye. BlackBerry have suffered over recent years through a lack of interest in their products, mainly because they failed to keep up with the speed technology was moving at.

Image : Download BBM for iPhone and Apple Watch

bbm for iphone apple watch

The BlackBerry Z10 was released earlier this year, touting BB10, their brand new operating system, in a bid to reignite public interest. Unfortunately their bid failed and they are now struggling to avoid fading from the scene altogether. Those of you who moved from BlackBerry to iOS have more than likely already used BBM and will know that it was the one feature that people loved and showed off about. Now, those of you on iOS and Android can do the same. The problem that BlackBerry is facing with this release is the competition. Most people have settled into using another messaging app, such as iMessage, WhatsApp or Viber. Only time will tell how many of those download BBM and how many stay with it after giving it a go.


Download :

If you want to try it you can download BlackBerry Messenger for iOS completely free from the App Store [ext link]. It is only available in the New Zealand store at the present time but is expected to hit other stores shortly. Are you going to download BBM ? If you do tell us what you think of it.

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22 thoughts on “BBM for iPhone”

  1. You can switch the store and download it, but if you have credit in your account app store wont allow you switch (iTunes gift card credit)

  2. its not on the appstore anymore untill blackberry release it again but there is a way to get it on the iphone all u need is the ipa download it and install it .. mind u that u do need a jb iphone cause u gonna also need ipa installer

    • I had it on my iphone 5 from new zealand store. changed to iphone 5s, when restoring, all apps are restored except for bbm. it gives me that it could not download it. though i can see it in my apps on the laptop. I click on install and then same message….

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