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Cydia is known for one major function – providing jailbreak tweaks to add new fascinating features and customization options to iOS devices. For a lot of people, improving the visual appearance of iOS matter more than anything else. And if you are one of such people, then you might already be knowing about the Barrel tweak. In the jailbreak community, the Barrel tweak is considered as the center of jailbreaking, and it is also known as the flagship tweak. So if you are new to jailbreaking or haven’t used the Barrel tweak yet, then you should try it at once.

Image : Barrel – Cydia HomeScreen Animation

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Barrel is actually the tweak that convinces skeptical people to jailbreak their iOS devices. In case you are wondering whether the tweak will speed up your device or will add additional settings in iOS, you are wrong. It is not a fully practical tweak like Safari Download Manager or iFile. However, Barrel remains one of the first jailbreak tweaks that is remembered on the release of a new jailbreak.

As the name might suggest, the Barrel tweak enables beautiful transitions in the iOS Home screen, and it does that so beautifully that you will surely keep the tweak forever. It adds so much of visual excitement to your Home screen that it is worth jailbreaking your iOS device for. So let’s jump into the details and see what Barrel offers as a tweak.

Features :

  • Once you install the Barrel tweak, you can insert beautiful transitions in between the pages of the Home screen on your iPhone or iPad. The transitions work while swiping between the pages.
  • The transitions range from the common fade-in effect to the snake-like transition which is a favourite for many users.barrel1
  • The Barrel tweak has a lot of transitions from which you can choose your favourite. Barrel-II (1)
  • In case you like all of the transitions and do not want to choose between them, you can enable the random select transition which will show you a new transition effect every time you swipe a page.
  • Unlike many other customization tweaks, you can change the transitions on the fly without having to reboot your iOS device every time you apply the changes.

Download :

The Barrel tweak has been developed by Aaron Ash and is worth spending your money on. In case you are new to jailbreaking or have never tried using Barrel, you must have a look at it and you will surely fall in love with it. Barrel is available to download from the BigBoss repo in Cydia for just $2.99. Buying a Cydia app explained here . You can get it for free via 3rd party repo’s.

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