Back Camera Not Working – Fix

A lot of consumers choose to purchase an iPad or iPhone because of the awesome iSight camera.  For some people though, while it worked just fine on iOS 6+, upgrading to iOS 7 has done it no favors.  Amongst the many other problems that seen to exist on the new firmware, one of the more common ones seems to be the rear camera not working very well or, if it does , it crashed when the user switches to the front camera.  For those of you that are suffering this problem, here a couple of solutions for you to try.

Image : iOS 7 Back Camera Problem – Primary Camera not working

ios 7 back camera iphone 5 not working

Please note, these may not work for everyone and, if your iOS device is still under warranty it is probably best to take it back for a replacement.

Solution 1

  1. Hold the Sleep button until you see the Slide to Power Off slider slide to power off ios 7 iphone 5 -png (2)
  2. Slide it and then immediately hold down the Sleep button again until you see the Apple logo power logo ios 7 apple logo

If that doesn’t work:

Solution 2

  1. Open your Settings app
  2. Tap General
  3. Tap Reset
  4. Tap Reset All Settings reset all settings ios 7

While you won’t lose any of your data you will have to re-enter all of your passwords and personal settings again

Solution 3

  1. Hold the Sleep and Home button simultaneously until the Apple logo appears
  2. Let go of both buttons at the same time and let your iOS device boot up as normal

Solution 4

  1. Try a different camera app instead of the stock one – download CoolPixel [ext link] , free of charge. 
  2. Install and both cameras should work properly.

This appears to be a definite software issue, not hardware, despite the fact that not all devices are fully supported with all the new features in iOS 7.  With the exception of the final solution, you may have to try each of the others several times before they work.

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13 thoughts on “Back Camera Not Working – Fix

  1. Reset All Settings work for me. Camera went black screen and no working, but with Reset All Settings it works again

  2. same proplem rear camera for my iphone 5 not working try everthing including format at the end replace my camera it turn at the end it s hardware proplem nothing to do with softwere

  3. my front camera still not working after the hard reset and other methods suggested . is it caused by the software issue ? i just replaced the front camera last week but the front camera still not working .

  4. The back camera on my iPhone 5C suddenly stopped working last week. Tried every solution I have found online including, pressing down on the camera, reset setting, rebooting the whole iPhone and deleting third party apps that use the camera such as Facebook and Snapchat, still nothing. Going to have to take another trip to the apple store to see if they can fix it. Had so many problems with this phone and my iPhone 4 previously. Not buying an iPhone again, too much hassle

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