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Ever since iOS 7 was revealed and put out to developers, there have been a whole crop of Cydia tweaks, all designed to make an iOS 6 device look like its running on iOS 7.  Well, now there’s a new one to add to them and it’s called Ayra.

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Ayra is a tweak that gives us the iOS 7 style lock screen notification center. It contains all the toggles that are present on that other great tweak that does a similar job, NCSettings. And you also get a redefined list of notifications.

Ayra lets you carry out all the tasks other tweaks let you do – interact with, see and dismiss notifications from the lock screen – but in a much better way. However, that’s not to do down any of the other notification center tweaks. Some of them are for design only and others are functional; Ayra combines both in one hit. You can use Ayra to have those iOS 7 system toggles on your notification center, available right there on the lock screen.


As for the redefined list of notifications – both iOS 6 and 7 allow you tap on the notification to be taken to the app and they also allow you to clear notifications in batches.  Ayra takes that one step further. Instead of being taken to the app you get to see the notification in its entirety when you tap on it.

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Ayra has been created and developed by renowned hacker, Surenix. You must remember him; after all, he brought us Auxo, one of the most popular app switcher tweaks of all time. Ayra has been so inspired by iOS 7 that you could be fooled into thinking you actually had the new firmware on your iOS device.  You can purchase Ayra for just $1.99 from the BigBoss repo on Cydia.

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    • i doubt it. but the only website that actually worked for me for free was the one i tried last night. ive been downloading the whole ios 7 packages. i can give u the site when i find it. i promise there is no catch.

      • Didn’t work for me. iTunes (10.2.1) prefs set to share, in Advanced, turn on home sharing and enter user and pw and click Create Home Share. (If I click Done, the Shared item on the left diprspeaas but under Advanced, there’s an option to turn off Home Sharing so that implies it’s still on) Then on my iPod touch (iOS 4.3) go to the settings/music and enter in the exact same user and pw for home sharing and check the music and video app. Nothing. Also tried without clicking Done. Still nothing.

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