Axial brings Favourite Apps on Control Centre

When iOS 9 was released in September, nobody expected a jailbreak to be released quite so quickly and, as such, there was a delay between Pangu jailbreak and Cydia tweaks being updated to support iOS 9. Now, the tweaks are coming in thick and fast, and the latest one is called Axial. It’s a brand new tweak, developed by Jacob Caraballo and it allows you to use the control center to launch your favorite apps from.

Image : Axial Jailbreak App


iOS does not allow for customization of the quick launch apps in the Control Center but Axial removes that restriction and lets you choose your own apps. And, because the Control Center can be called up from anywhere, that means your apps can be launched from anywhere in iOS. Once you have installed Axial, you will see that the Control Center has a new interface added in that contains your favorite apps. Tapping on one allows you to launch it without having to go to the home screen.

If you go into the Settings app and into Preferences for Axial, you can choose up to 10 apps to be shown on the interface while the device is in portrait mode and up to 14 in landscape. There is also a kill switch to enable or disable the tweak and a setting to stop it from working on the lock screen. There is an auto-unlock option that will temporarily unlock the iPhone when you use Axial to launch an app from the lock screen. If you are using your iPhone in landscape mode, you will first need to swipe up from the left or right side of the screen to bring up the control center.

Image : Axial App from Control Centre


Download Axial :

To get Axial on your iPhone, first jailbreak using one of the current iOS Jailbreaks Tools.

Then go into Cydia, to the BigBoss repository, where Axial will cost you $1.50 to purchase. For Free Downloading paid cydia apps , follow this tutorial . Are you intending to give Axial a go ? Let us know what you think of it in the comments box below.

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