Auxo 3 for iOS 9 Released

Auxo is a highly popular multitasking Cydia tweak among jailbreak fans and largely changes the way iOS feels and works. Auxo 3 was released during the reign of iOS 8, but the release of iOS 9 started the wait for an iOS 9 compatible version of the tweak. And finally, Auxo 3 has been released for iOS 9.

Image : Auxo for iOS 9

auxo 3 ios 9 download

However, the tweak hasn’t just been updated to support iOS but has been increased in version too. But do not think that the new version will bring something new, as the new Auxo 3 for iOS 9 does not come with any new features over the existing version. Unlike the original Auxo and Auxo 2 versions, the new version just supports iOS 9 and nothing else.

Another thing that is really surprising as well as disappointing is that the new version of Auxo 3 cannot be downloaded for free even by the existing Auxo users of the previous version. So even if you had paid for the previous version, you will have to shell out money again for the new iOS 9 version of the Auxo 3. While this is really shameful, the upgrade pricing system by the Auxo tweaks developers A3tweaks is really reasonable. And after all, the developers have worked hard to bring the tweak to iOS 9, which is why they deserve to get paid.

In case you don’t know what Auxo is or how it works, then let’s quickly go through its features once again.

Features :

  • Auxo 3 is basically a multi-tasking tweak for iOS. And if we take the liberty to say this, then it is the best and the most loved multi-tasking tweak till date. auxo_3 (1)
  • The tweak has three main features- Quick Switcher, Hot Corners, and Multi-Center. You get an enhanced app switcher along with an additional Control Center card. auxo_3
  • There is a gesture-based carousel for switching between apps, and the corner-based gestures help you navigate faster between the Lock screen, Home screen, and app switcher. ios_9_auxo_3

The features of the tweaks are so lengthy that they cannot be explained in one article.

Download :

If you had already bought the Auxo 3 tweak for iOS 8, then you can get the new iOS 9 supported version for just $0.99. If you had bought Auxo 2, then the new version for iOS 9 will cost $1.99. And for those who are new to the tweak, they will have to pay one full charge of $2.99. You can get the tweak from the BigBoss repo in Cydia. Free download also possible via 3rd party repos.

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  1. Whats the theme your using in the ‘Phone running Auxo Slim with theme’ picture. Really like the Auxo toggle icons and background in that picture

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