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One of the most popular lock screen tweaks is called Atom, developed by Surenix and Daniel Turner and it has finally been given support for iOS 8 and optimized for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Atom is the kind of tweak that people jailbreak for, a tweak that lets you launch your favorite apps from the lock screen with a grabber that replaces the Slide to Unlock text. Holding down the grabber will bring up a circular collection of up to six of your favorite apps. To launch one, simply drag the grabber to the icon and you will be asked to enter your passcode or Touch ID if either are enabled.

Image : Atom Jailbreak App


Customizing the lock screen to be more functional is one of the main reasons why people jailbreak and, as such, Cydia is full of tweaks. So what makes Atom so special?  One of the reasons is because the animations are so smooth and, along with its simple but sleek design, the smoothness is one of its biggest selling points. On top of that, the app icons in the grabber are optimally spaced so you can easily get to the one you want. In terms of changes with the update, the grabber style now changes depending on what your lock screen wallpaper is.

Image : Atom Settingsatomios8-7

Video : Here is a sneak peek of Atom Jailbreak Tweak

In order to install Atom, you need to be running an iOS Jailbreak on your iPhone; try one of the following, depending on your iOS firmware . Read how to Jailbreak and Download Cydia .

Download :

Once you have installed Atom via Cydia, you can go into Settings and into the preferences for the app where you will find a kill switch that allows to enable or disable the tweak as you wish, along with the option of choosing the apps to go on the grabber. Atom is available on the BigBoss repository for $2.99 for new customers or $1.99 for those with the previous version.

Are you going to give Atom a go ? Let us know what you think of it in the comments box below.

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107 thoughts on “Atom – LockScreen App Launcher

  1. I believe that as it is said that if something is DONE it can also be UNDONE, it may not be the end of jailbreaking, if anything at all just a little more difficult for the gents that make a jailbreak possible, but not altogether IMPOSSIBLE, that’s my opinion. Also as the article says if Apple patches the very same day which I doubt very much, just think how many millions of people were able to use the Evasion jailbreak, and if we’re smart we won’t fall in to the updating or restoring process, if we can avoid it of course. I’ve had my iphone 4 on a jailbreak since Evasion came out and I’m not even thinking of going up to ios 7, no way. I like the way my device looks and works, so we’ll see.

    • I think the writer is making a mess or big desl out of nowhere! How can n activation method will not let the system be jailbreakeable? If the phone is yours, I think there is no problem! If is a stolen one, then deal with it!

      Now: or I dont understand how can that affect the jailbreak or he is making a big deal out of nowhere!

      • I agree with Fufune, the writer is talking bs and honeslty I am considering to unsubscribe because it’s irritating all the junk he’s been talking about the iOS 7 like is the end of the world.

    • does anyone know how to get cydia on a iPhone 4s Ive been looking for weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks and cant seem to find it, thanks.

  2. I also just notice he change the name to

    Honestly he’s taking this thing about the iOS 7 too far and too seriously.

    It’s just another stupid iOS update. Nothing else.

  3. There are always hardware Jailbrakes aka tethered jailbreaks that can not be patched it is the best fourm of jailbreak because apple can not patch it unless they release a new device

  4. Well this apple writer is wrong I already jailbroken I phone 5s with a DIFFRENT apple id and wipe it to the point were a Verizon blacklisted phone to any carrier

  5. i also have an iphone 5..and after i update it to itunes my phone was stock on an “activation”. the problem is i do have many emails i make but i don’t know what apple id i used to setup it..i already forgot it…

    this apple new Security is not Good for all people who own an iphone..

    how about a child who use ios 7 ???????????????
    how about an old man who use ios 7?????????????


    HOW ABOUT US??????

    • I just had my iphone 5c stolen and I think tis is a great program!!! I had it for one day and then it was stolen the next day. I’m glad that its gonna shit with those theifs that take whats not theirs! Mr. so deal with it here is probably a theif too and that’s why he runs his mouth…

      • You don’t think the “thief” couldn’t just take the thing apart and sell the parts separately? Your not as smart as you think you are.

      • Yea, I stay in FL and my 5c was stolen. I set up find my iphone and locked it. Hopefully they will return it to me.

  6. Over! My iphone 5, now has locked by activation lock! It more diffecult than i thought. Even i downgrade to ios 6, DFU mode can do nothing to the device! Now my iphone is like the stone.
    What should i do? Please help :'(
    My email: [email protected]

  7. lets just say i work for red snow,greenp0ison, and EVASI0N and if they patched it we will do our best to unpatch it and break apples new security systems de to our corporation we have enought of utilitys to help us break this lock madness and everyone can jailbreak their iphones lost, stolen, forgotten passwords …

    Note: everyone keep in touch with the jailbreaking teams…

    thank you ……

    • Hey you! You spelled utilities wrong, you spelled “utilitys”. You mabye mean utility but what you really ment was utilities. P.S: You aren’t working for “Red sn0w”, “Greenp0ison” and “Evasi0n”.

      Have a good day/night! -William


      • Hey you! you spelled maybe wrong, you spelled “mabye” AND you spelled meant wrong, you spelled “ment”.

        Have a good ing day/night! ;)

      • Hey you! You misspelled “evening” by leaving out “even.” Or perhaps you meant “afternoon?” That was kind of odd…
        Have a beautiful time!

    • Hey you , pot calling kettle , springs to mind .. Instead of typing ‘spelled’ like a child, you’ll find the correct word to use is spelt :)
      Have yourself a most pleasant day/night

      • Actually he’s correct using “spelled”. “spelt” isn’t technically correct as a verb but is as a noun which means “wheat” or referring to wheatin some European countries, but also accepted (although much less than) “spelled” which is the correct past tense of spell. “No one I know has ever used “spelt” and I come from a advertising Agency of national acclaim and it’s not even in the proofreader’s reference manual or AP style guide.

        Have a ing awesome day! Pwned!

  8. Has there been a hack/ bypass for this Apple ID ridiculousness? Ever since Jobs passed away, Apple has been making stupid decisions.

  9. Seriously Ive brought an iphone 5 and I restored it and now I can’t get through because the phone has been locked because of the activation security thingy I don’t know the persons previous id ahhhh help

    • No way possible unless you can contact buyer or go to Apple or the carrier and prove it’s not stolen womehow. Great feature actually but only if you are the one it’s stolen from. If buyng used iphones ALWAYS go to the carrier store to prove it’s legit

  10. The person who said they bypassed the activation lock is a lying no jailbreak has been released for the Iphone 5s there is no way to bypass even if u do it in dfu is will still ask for the original owners apple id. It a great security feature for ppl who steal phones.

  11. Apple and Android are both doing the same thing….Android are now using the “KNOX” kernel which means if you upgrade the rom to 4.3 and you try to install a custom rom then it throws a flag… I.E makes your warranty void…and makes it harder to downgrade the rom…Apple will always be inferior….they keep trying to better the competition but seem to make things worse for themselves and the consumer.

    if we buy a phone then let us do what we please with it, if we brick it then it’s our fault….they get their money out of us which means its ours and not theirs…what ever we do we are governed by laws….

    • Yes there is push home button 3 times then push once make emergency call dial 112 and call when green bar come up top push sleep button 3 times then push home button unlock go to contacts add contact take pic push done then block caller push block caller 3 times and there ya go activation lock bypassed

    • I have a Note 3,, and I am running a custom rom.. and the KNOX counter has not been tripped. That has already been worked out by developers. I always root my android or jailbreak my Iphones.. It’s MY phone, I paid for it and if I choose to break it that’s my choice, not Apple, Samsung, and so on. That’s like buying a car and the manufacture telling you that you can’t customize it..

      • Exactly… And I am not sure what ^ “no-one” is talking about… everyone knows that when you root you void your warranty. It’s not like that is something just started.

  12. there are million iphones,locked activation screen,i believe apple or some company will not leave them,because they will not sell applications and games more, where people like GEOHOT or other? please fix that for us….we stuck

  13. Maybe apple can make an alternative. Maybe they can contact the previous owner. Sharing the previous owner privately to requester is a big help. I have spoken with one representative from apple and they cannot provide or communicate with the current owner. For as long as the iphone has not been reported stolen or missing, apple might consider contacting the previous owner or maybe they can offer a good deal out of it. I thinks this is the fairest thing to do. on this alternatives. Users that lost their iphone might recover their old phone while users that bought the iphone not knowing this ticking time bomb get to used the iphone. Have a heart apple. please consider…

  14. Enough already! The articles are interesting but generally exploit nothing more than questions. Deal in facts, write articles of fact not more hype! Stop making a soap opera out of every little fart in the iOS world. SOLITIONS ONLY PLEASE.

  15. I was going through this jailbreak malarchy. then I thought, you know what, why? And I went to android.

    Apple just ain’t worth it anymore.

  16. Hahaha we cant bypass Activation Lock yet, hmmmn im hoping that some IOS genius will get the solutions for this, here in phil. it will cost u a lot to bypass this problem, hmp. hope i know how bypass so i can support my Living ^_^ nyahaha peace

  17. The solution is to monitorize the connection to apple’s servers via iTunes and reverse engineer the socket data for a valid activation, then modify the hosts file at your computer and redirect the apple servers to your localhost on a specific port that is running a service always responding as a valid activation.

  18. to be honest this feature slows nothing at all.. I buy maybe 10-15 activation locked iphones ipods ipads for very cheap.. And have noproblem selling them on ebay.. Apparently some people have a work around for this

  19. Judging from articles like this, people still don’t know the difference between “jailbreaking” and “hacktivating”. “Jailbreaking” is done after activation, and removes/disables/breaks the checks Apple put in place to only allow Apple-approved code to be executed. The jailbreaking tools released in the last few years have NOT been able to get around activating the device, that’s called hacktivating. Evasi0n relies on bugs that are only relevant after the device has been activated, so activation lock cannot be avoided by jailbreaking.

    • hey, i thinking can’t hackactive ios7, because evasi0n only running when ios active. i will redsn0w new, can hackactive ( evesi0n can;t)

  20. Even if redsnow hactivates ios 7 ”find my iphone” will not be turned off. ”find my iphone” will stay on remotely in icloud searching for the id signature of the device closely connected to the imei number. if the phone is used it can be traced by the original owner everytime it connects to the internet and the police could be knocking at your door. a hack would need to be developed to turn off ‘lfind my iphone’l

  21. hi my friends i bought an iphone now it showed me this avtivation lock i tried a lot no way is there anyone can tell me how it will be call me 00966565304303

  22. This is a real issue for companies that redeploy company purchased phones when employees leave. Until iOS 7.0 I would simply restore with iTunes and setup for the new user and deploy. Now I have nothing but bricks. This is costly and stupid. Most users who are careful will install Find my iPhone and when they leave they do not think about providing their personal iTunes information. This will push a lot of companies away from apple products if they do not provide a means around this annoyance. This is uncontainable to do to all the mobile device administrators out there. Most unhappy.

  23. Anything done could be undone , here we r there 2 ways bypass that activation thing I tried both and it works but makes me use my iPhone as an iPod till the moment but aim sure sooner or later there will be something

  24. on a lighter note.. if there are any of you that happen to have a working iphone/ipad/ipod and its jailbroken then check out a site called
    there are links to free cracked apps (the ones apple charge for) that can be installed with a cydia program called IPAinstaller..
    there is also a request section so you can request cracked versions of any app you want.

  25. Hi, every one, I bought a iphone 5s 32gb but it is second hand. And I am stuck with activation lock screen. Please please can any one have any idea to make it work or unlock.

    Please help,,,,,,,

  26. Hi, has there been any progress on getting past the Activation lock? To those guys that are working on a solution, anything at all?

  27. The trick to it all is icloud. Icloud is the root to it all. If you stole it from someone, learn their name and it should be easy to get the ID the password would be tougher because you’d have to do reverse phishing on it.

    If you bought it, sell it for parts and buy a newer one.

    If its yours and you forgot everything for it, don’t be a dumbass.



    1. No such solution is available for now
    2. Most people are taking advantage of the situation and would ask you to pay for the solution (Never pay anyone for this).Some people even say hey have a tool, but instead they would take you to different annoying surveys. In most of the websites people are claiming that they have developed a software to byepass the activation for ios 7, but when you download the software it asks for a password. Trust me that compressed file is not worth cracking its password just because even if you crack the password the zip file is empty.
    3. Even if you are able to jailbreak the ios 7, still you wont be able to byepass the activation screen.

    4. So be patient and wait for the solution.

  29. This thread is absolutely hilarious! All you thieves calling the blogger and idiot and here we are 9 months later and you can’t beat the activation lock.

    What a pack of losers.

  30. Im stuck on activation lock i brought the iphone 5s from a company off ebay and i cant get a refund can someone please help me unlock this iphone it stuck on icloud lock / Activation lock ! In need of a solution fast im really stressing

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