Ariki – Make Walking while Texting Safer

Texting on your iPhone while walking is not a very safe thing and I’m sure a lot of people will agree on this. There is a possibility of bumping into people or objects, and both can be hazardous. Looking at people with crazy love for texting, some countries have gone way ahead of the others and have made different walkways for texting while walking! So if you are person who texts on the move and if you don’t live in one such aforementioned country, then you must have a look at Ariki.

Image : I’m Texting – I’m Walking

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Ariki Features :

Ariki is a new jailbreak tweak and its sole purpose is to keep you safe on the move during texting. This tweak turns the background of your keyboard automatically to a live camera screen using your iPhone’s rear camera, so it becomes effortless for you to see where you are walking, even without looking away from the screen.


There are other tweaks around that offer similar functions, but the reason why Ariki is better is because its activation method is very convenient. Whenever you want to turn on the tweak or turn if off, you just need to tap and hold the spacebar on your keyboard and that activates|deactivates the tweak. And not just that. Ariki also offers you another useful function. You can turn on the torch in case you are texting in the dark by just tapping and holding the F key on your keyboard. Amazing, isn’t it ?

Configuration :

You can configure the tweak from its dedicated preferences menu available in iOS Settings app. Ariki’s preferences are straightforward and well-laid out, which is a thing to appreciate. You can enable/disable the tweak from there, assign it an Activator gesture, change the keyboard theme, increase or decrease the transparency of the camera background, etc.


One of the best things about Ariki is that the user doesn’t have to wait and can switch between the default background of the keyboard and the camera view very quickly. The only issue found in Ariki’s current version is that the tweak sometimes fails to turn on the torch when the “F” key is tapped and held. This problem will surely get fixed soon.

Download :

So in case you want to keep yourself safe while texting on the street, this tweak is a must-try. The BigBoss repo has this tweak for $1.49. Ariki supports all iOS 8 devices. Free Download is also possible by adding several 3rd party repo’s available on Cydia.

Alternatives :

Another similar jailbreak tweak is CamText which offers similar functions, but it has not been updated for supporting iOS 8. In case your iPhone is not jailbroken, you can search for similar apps in the App Store.

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