Aria 2 – Customize your iOS Music app

Many of the iOS users will agree on this fact that the Music app has options placed at the wrong places and it would be so good if the tab buttons could be customized according to the personal liking of the user. Well, if you have been using jailbreaks for long and if you have a good deal of experience with jailbreak tweaks, then you will probably recognize and remember that the Aria tweak does exactly that. The Aria tweak was available for the older Music app, and it was so good that it being updated for the new Music app was inevitable.

Image : Aria 2 Jailbreak Tweak on Cydia

aria 2 cydia app download

Aria 2 is here and works for the new Music app to improve the different parts and annoying quirks in the app. Users get a lot of customization options with the tweak. One of the option allows the user to rearrange, remove, or add the tab buttons that are visible in the bottom bar. So using this great option, you can easily get rid of all the tabs that you do not use, or you can arrange them like you want.

Aria 2 Features :

The original Aria tweak was loved mainly for its looks ,and its clean interface is what we expected Aria 2 to carry over. Fortunately, Aria 2 does offer the awesome grid layout just like Aria for artists, playlists, and albums. This makes these pages look completely different and convenient and you can much easily find the music you are looking for. The Shuffle button in the iOS 8.4 Music app was missed, though it was later fixed in the the next iOS versions. The good thing about Aria 2 is that it brings back the Shuffle feature to album lists and songs. aria2-1


The Now Playing screen also gets a modifications by Aria 2 and the dark theme looks really cool. The look for song lyrics has improved too. The tweak also enables the user to jump to Equalizer presets directly from the Now Playing screen. You can disable the blur effects for certain parts of the Music app, you can hide the unwanted elements, and there is so much more.


Download :

For those who use the Music app a lot, Aria 2 is a must have. The tweak works on iOS 8.4 and above and can be bought for $1.99 from Cydia. If you don’t want to pay for the tweak and want to try it first, then you can download it from 3rd party repo’s.

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