AppSync is not unknown to jailbreakers. It is a very powerful tweak for iOS which allows users to install unsigned iPA packages on their iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone. AppSync can also be used to install those few apps which can are not available in App Store anymore. With AppSync, you can basically try a paid application for free before you decide whether to buy it or not. The tweak can surely be used for piracy of paid apps, but it is not the actually main purpose of the tweak, as claimed by the developer. The AppSync tool is very useful for those developers who are not registered to the Developer Program of Apple, which costs $99 per year. Such developers can easily install applications on their iOS device and debug them using AppSync.

Image : AppSync Unified for iOS

appsync unified beta 5.5 for ios 8.3 download

If you are an iOS user and have used vShare, Installous, AppCake, AppAddict, Kuaiyong, or other iAP crackers, you know what AppSync is and you already have used it. Simply said, AppSync is a Cydia tweak that you must install on your jailbroken iOS device in order to support unsigned games, apps, tweaks, etc.

In case you are using an iAP Cracker like the iAPCrazy or iAPFree, then you certainly need the AppSync tweak if you want to install the in-app purchases. If you want to use iFile for downloading and installing cracked iPA files, then AppSync is a must-have. So you see, AppSync helps you to run most of the jailbreak apps.

Also, when you jailbreak your device and install third-party cracked app stores, sometimes you are not able to run the apps which you download from their. Either the cracked apps don’t install at all or they just show a dark icon which does nothing on tapping. This is where AppSync helps you. So if you haven’t installed it yet, follow the below given process.

How to Install AppSync :

You need to jailbreak your iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone in order to install AppSync. If your device is not jailbroken yet, we recommend that you use the TaiG Jailbreak tool [ext link]. Remember to Download Cydia, as you won’t be able to install AppSync otherwise.

If all the above reasons don’t convince you yet, then you should know that after the release of the TaiG Jailbreak for iOS , most of the developers are updating their Cydia tweaks  to make them compatible with the OS. So follow these steps and install AppSync now.

Steps to Install AppSync :

  1. Make sure that your device is jailbroken. If not, then jailbreak it using the TaiG Jailbreak tool.
  2. After you have jailbroken and installed Cydia, launch it and go to Manage. Then tap on Sources, select Edit and tap Add.  cydia ios 9 source addcyda_ios_9_repo_source2cyda_ios_9_repo_source0
  3. Now add Karen’s repo URL there: cydia_angelxwind
  4. A warning message will popup. Tap the Add anyway button.
  5. After adding the repo, tap it and search for AppSync Unified. In the search results, choose it and then tap the Install link.
  6. Done! AppSync will now get installed on your device.

Disclaimer : We do not support piracy in any form. This article/tutorial is meant only for educational purposes to show the developers the good uses of AppSync.

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