AppSwiSize – Get Back iOS 8 AppSwitcher on iOS 9

With iOS 9, Apple brought a lot of changes to the mobile firmware, including some that were not so well-received by the users. If you meet an iOS 8 fan, you will come to know that some components in iOS 8 were far better than in iOS 9. One of the changes that came with iOS 9 was the new App Switcher. The new design was not liked by everyone. The App Switcher now displayed app icons on top of the screen, while the preview cards now got a Cover Flow effect.

Image : iOS 8 Appswitcher on iOS 9 Devices

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But as we said before, many users still agree that the App Switcher in iOS 8 was better and that Apple did not do a good job with the iOS 9 App Switcher. If you are not a big fan of the App Switcher in iOS 9 and want to get back the old appearance of the iOS 8 App Switcher, then you should have a look at the AppSwiSize tweak. But does it really work as advertised ? Let’s check out its contents and then decide.

Features :

  • AppSwiSize brings back the iOS 8 App Switcher to iOS 9, thus replacing the iOS 9 App Switcher completely in terms of looks and appearance.
  • You get to customize the tweak too. You can set the size of the app preview cards, and you can disable the launch screens of the apps. appswisize2
  • The AppSwiSize tweak comes with a dedicated preferences pane that sits in the Settings app. You get the option to disable or enable the tweak using the kill switch toggle. If you play around with the customization options of the tweak, you need to reboot your iOS device for the changes to take place.

But as with most of the other new tweaks, AppSwiSize is still pretty new and is hence not perfectly stable. It sometimes crashes and causes your device to go into the safe mode. Also, the tweak does not bring the recent contacts option [image below] that was there in the original iOS 8 App Switcher. However, the tweak is still new and all the aforementioned drawbacks will surely be ironed out over the course of time.

Image : iOS 8 App Switcher


Download :

So if you are using iOS 9 and want to use the iOS 8 App Switcher, then you should definitely give the AppSwiSize tweak a try. The tweak is available for free on the BiggBoss repo in Cydia. It works on all the devices that run iOS 9. You can download Cydia on iOS 9 following the linked tutorial.

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