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A lot of iOS users download dozens of apps on their iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhones but do not realize that they are increasing the size of their Home screen. It is only after a while that they realize that the large number of icons have filled up the whole Home screen and have given it a cluttered look. Such a Home screen not only looks untidy but also makes it harder to find the right stuff you are looking for. But thanks to the AppSort tweak, you can now easily manage the app icons.

Image : AppSort to Quick Sort HomeScreen Apps

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Manually sorting through app icons can be very time-consuming, which is where the new jailbreak tweak AppSort comes to your rescue and does the job in a few moments. Below are the features of this amazing tweak.

Features :

  • The app icons on your Home screen get organized quickly and are sorted in proper order by the AppSort tweak. This results in the Home screen looking tidier, cleaner, and easier to get around.
  • AppSort is very user-friendly and is extremely easy to use. Activated through an Activator gesture, the tweak quickly sorts out the app when you select the sorting option in the menu. appsort1
  • Do note that the Dock icons are not affected by the tweak at all and remain unchanged. The rest of the app icons on the Home screen get sorted on the basis of badges, usage, reds, hues, color brightness, or randomly in alphabetical order. If you are familiar with the Lua scripting language, you can make more categories for sorting.
  • You will find the preferences pane of the AppSort tweak in the stock Settings app. You can set the Activator gesture there and will find some other useful info.

The AppSort tweak does miss out on a feature it does not offer a way to revert to the previous app icons layout. So the sorting remains permanent until you manually move the app icons to the place you want, or you can use a new sorting method too. We do wish that the developer adds this feature in the next update for the tweak so that users can go back to the previous icon layout if they don’t like the changes made by the tweak.

Download :

With AppSort, your Home screen can remain organized and tidy always with all the app icons in place. It is useful especially for those who have got a lot of apps on their iOS device and find it hard to browse through all the icons. AppSort is available at the BigBoss repo for free in Cydia.

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