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With iOS 10 now on beta 5, the temptation is there to want to upgrade to it straight away, even if it’s only to see what it is like. Unfortunately, installing it on the device that you use every day is not a good idea because beta software tends to be unstable and full of bugs and problems. Most developers will have a spare device for testing beta software on so that, if anything does go wrong, it doesn’t affect their everyday device. Unfortunately, some users were a bit too eager to get a look at iOS 10 download [ext link] and installed the software onto their everyday device.

Image : Apple ID Locked

apple id locked cydia

This has resulted in a number of reports of devices being locked down, with an error message that says, “Apple ID Locked”. This, in effect, can lock you out of your iOS device and out of any associated services. Apple says that, most likely, this is caused by two-step authentication being enabled on the affected device. However, they can’t be certain about this and, strangely, this hasn’t affected all users with two-step authentication which does lead to the belief that there could be something else at play here, like a bug in iOs0 beta 2. Right now, Apple says there isn’t a whole lot they can do about it and, given that iOS 10 is in beta, the problem may well be solved with the next version. In the meantime, there may be a couple of other things that you can do.

Image : Apple ID Locked

apple id has been locked

How to Fix Apple ID Locked Issue :

The first option is to disable two-step authentication altogether while you update. The downside to this, of course, is that it leaves your Apple ID somewhat unprotected. Apple has given a little guidance on the whole issue that might just be of help. First, you may get one of three error messages .

apple id locked error

If you see one of these, you should go to [ext link].  You now have two options:

  • Sign in using your ID
  • Change your password to a new one

Bear in mind that, if you try to sign in too many times unsuccessfully, Apple will lock your ID and you will not be able to try again until the following day.

Image : Cannot Reset Password Problem

apple_id_locked_iphone_ios_10 cannot reset password

If you have enabled two-step authentication, you can do one of two things – disable it altogether or use a trusted device or phone number to try and unlock it. If you do change your password, you must make sure you update it on any other associated service and iCloud.

How to Disable Two-Step Authentication :

  1. Go to [ext link]
  2. Click on Manage Your Apple ID
  3. Sign in using you Apple ID and password
  4. Click on Password and Security
  5. Click on Turn off Two-Step Verification – this will disable the feature
  6. Choose new security questions and remember your answers – you will be asked them on some occasions
  7. Verify your birth date
  8. Provide an alternative email in case rescue is required – not a requirement but recommended
  9. Save and exit

You will be sent an email confirming that Two-step authentication has been disabled.

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