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Ever thought of downgrading an iOS app that you regretted updating ? Well, there are a lot of instances when new app updates bring a bug or two to the app and make it unstable, or brings a new feature that isn’t liked by many, thus telling the user that it was better to stay on the previous version. However, iOS does not allow you to downgrade the apps, so you are stuck with that app version until the next update fixes it. But if you are using a jailbroken device, then downgrading is possible.

Image : AppAdmin Tweak

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A popular jailbreak tweak called AppAdmin recently made its way to Cydia. The tweak enables you to downgrade App Store apps to any previous version you want. The public response for the tweak has been positive even though it is still in its beta version. It has also started receiving updates from its developers, so let’s see what this tweak can do.

Features :

  • AppAdmin allows you to downgrade apps that you downloaded from the App Store to any older version you would like. This function can be helpful to those users who don’t like the new features or design of particular apps and want the older version back.
  • The tweak developers have given an update to AppAdmin that brings a new interesting feature that has been requested by a lot of users. The tweak now enables you to block specific apps from updating automatically. Those apps will not be listed in the Updates Available section in the App Store. This will prevent them from being automatically updated even if your iPhone’s automatic app updates are enabled. appadmin-
  • In case you are using AppAdmin and want to block an app from updating, go to the Updates Available secion in the App Store. Now tap on the Update button given next to the particular app. Four options will come up, one of them will be Block All Updates. Just select this option, and automatic updates will be turned off for that specific app, and that app will be removed from the Updates Available list. The app can be unblocked easily; just tap the Blocked button on the top left corner, swipe left on the app, and select Delete.
  • The previous update given to AppAdmin made it compatible with iOS 7.

AppAdmin developers have been working hard to bring new, useful features to the tweak. Updates are being rolled out to the tweak regularly and bug fixes are being made according to the user reports. The next feature that will come to the tweak will allow Cydia developers to define the versions of the app that will work with their tweak, so users will be able to stay on that version even if an update comes up.

Download :

In case you want to get AppAdmin on your iOS device, go to from the Safari browser of your jailbroken iOS device. Additional download instructions available on this post [ext link]

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