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Just recently, with so few jailbreaks to use, a spate of app installers has been released, all vying to be the Cydia alternative that we all turn to. With just Yalu jailbreak released for iOS 10 and no iOS 11 jailbreak in the pipeline right now, millions of users are left with no access to Cydia. Yalu jailbreak is a limited utility that only works on 64 bit iPhones, requires Cydia Impactor for installation and is a semi-untethered jailbreak. this is where the app installers come in and we’ve quite a few to choose from, including AppValley [ext link], TutuApp, Emus4U, and TweakBox. However, with all these app installers and with Yalu jailbreak installed through Cydia Impactor, there is one big problem , the app installers and anything you install through them will crash on a very regular basis.

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This is because of Apple. You see, none of these app installers are available in the iOS app store and that means that Apple does not sign the certificates that allow them to run. And that, in turn, means that they do not consider them to be valid apps. You need to use your Apple ID to install these and that way Apple can track what you have on your device. Apple regularly revokes app certificates that they do not sign and this is why your installers will crash. When you reinstall it and start again, Apple will revoke it and they will continue to do so. This also happens if you install one of your favorite modified apps, such as Snapchat++ [ext link] and Spotify++ and there is only one way to stop it; install Anti Revoke.

What is Anti Revoke ?

Anti Revoke [ext link] is a brand-new tool that works to protect the app certificates for the installers you choose to use. It does this by installing a VPN configuration onto your iPhone or iPad, which you must give permission for during the installation process.  Once it is installed it will start to work quietly in the background of your device, not interfering with anything, to protect your app certificate so that, when Apple comes about to verify them, they will not be able to and will not be able to revoke the certificates. That means you can continue to use your app installers without worrying about them crashing.

One word of note, if you are using TutuApp Installer, you cannot use Anti Revoke; instead you must use NessTool which is a similar tool but only works on TutuApp.

How to Download Anti Revoke :

To download Anti Revoke, simply click the link below to go to a full step by step guide:

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