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Jailbreaking is awesome and so is Cydia. Most of the iOS jailbreak users accept that downloading Cydia and then installing jailbreak tweaks is the only reason why they jailbreak. However, many people are more into customizing the look and outer appearance of iOS, which is why Winterboard themes are so famous in jailbreaking.

Image : Anemone Theming App

anemone jailbreak themes

Winterboard is as old as jailbreaking and Cydia, and has been created by Jay Freeman, the man behind Cydia. For those who don’t know, Winterboard allows you to customize the Springboard and change the look of the iOS icons, change wallpapers, change graphics, customize iPhone dock graphics, customize applications, change status bar graphics, and much more. It is a theming engine and can customize almost every aspect of the iOS.

Anemone : A WinterBoard Alternative

Just like many successful apps and tweaks, Winterboard has a competitor too in the form of Anemone. Anemone is a Winterboard alternative for jailbroken iOS devices. Anemone was previously available only on iMods [ext link], but it is now available on Cydia too and supports all the iOS versions between iOS 6 and iOS 9. Well, it’s not just a copy of WinterBoard and there’s a good deal of difference between the two theming engines.

  • The difference between Anemone and Winterboard is that the interface of Anemone is way more modern and beautiful, and many people would accept the fact that WinterBoard or other theming solutions look a but outdated in front of it.anemone1 (2) (1)
  • A unique thing that separates Anemone from WinterBoard is that Anemone allows you to preview the changes that you have applied in the app before actually applying them. anemone_themes (1)
  • You can change and customize the look of iOS with Anemone. You can customize the folder icons, customize shadows and overlays of icons while applying masks to them,change the interface colors in iOS, add custom blur, etc. Anemone offers a lot of possibilities.
  • The Live Preview option in Anemone enables you to check how the changes would look. The real-time previews feature your current icon layout and wallpaper too, thus making it more intuitive and helps you decide the changes before finally applying them. anemone_1 (1)
  • You can install and apply news themes as well as the existent bundles in Cydia like BlurryBadges, CustomClick, ClassicDock, IconBundles, etc. These bundles can be applied to iOS using Anemone. anemone5 (1)

The Anemone team is very dedicated towards keeping the app updated, and though all WinterBoard fans would not switch to Anemone immediately, it is still an equally awesome theming engine and stands should-to-shoulder with WinterBoard.

How to Download Anemone :

Anemone is now available on Cydia for free at the BigBoss repo. If you already use WinterBoard, then we suggest you give Anemone a try as it does not cost anything.

  1. Go to Cydia and search for Anemone. 
  2. Now download and install the app.
  3. Once installed, you can find it on your home screen.

Please remember that just like WinterBoard, Anemone also needs a jailbroken iOS device to run. So in case you are running iOS 8.4 or lower, you can use this tutorial to jailbreak your iOS device and install Cydia on it.

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