Android is More Safe than iPhone running iOS 7

There are some people who cannot seem to help opening their mouth at any opportunity and, of those, a percentage of them seem to come out with some real gems. Eric Schmidt of Google is one of these, a man who, more often than not, seems to put, not one, but both feet firmly in his mouth whenever he opens it.

Image : Eric Schmidt of Google

Eric-google ceo

During the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, Schmidt was caught in a  conversation with David Willis, an analyst for Gartner.  Willis said that most of the people in the audience at the time would probably be of the opinion that the Android operating system was just a little unsecure.  Schmidt’s reply to that was “Not Secure ? It’s more secure than the iPhone”.

Unfortunately for Schmidt, his comment didn’t gain quite the response he was hoping for as more than a few of the audience found his words rather amusing.  However, this didn’t seem to put him off his stride as he went on to imply that the Google Play Store was full of apps that were secure and the best in the world. This would have been a nice sentiment if it hadn’t already been proved that the store has more than its fair share of “bad” apps.

When it comes to security, Apple beats Android hands down for 2 reasons: first, iOS is closed source, whereas Android is open. Last year Android accounted for around 98% of the total number of mobile malware instances. And second, unlike Google, Apple check every single app that is submitted to their store and third-party apps cannot be downloaded onto iOS devices – unless its jailbroken of course.

What do you think of the story? Is Schmidt right when he says that Android is more secure than iOS or did he speak without thinking, as is often his case?

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