AlwaysNightMode – 24×7 Night Mode for iOS Maps

Do you find that using Apple Maps at night hurts your eyes, because it’s just too bright ? There is a built-in feature called Night Mode that you can use to ease thing just a little. The way it works is that, when the sun goes down, the Maps app goes into a low-light state, providing darker colors and making navigation much easier at night.

Image : AlwaysNightMode brings 24×7 Night Mode for iOS Maps

AlwaysNightMode tweaks

If you use Night Mode and like the darker colors, you might be wondering if there were a way to keep it enabled permanently, without it changing back during the lighter hours. Well, if you have successfully jailbroken your iOS 9 device, there is a way, in the form of a new tweak called AlwaysNightMode

Night Mode in Maps App

When you enable Night Mode, it is mainly used on the Navigation interface at night but if you download the jailbreak tweak, AlwaysNightMode, it can be used all day long, whether you are using the Map for navigation purposes or just looking through to try to find something.


The distinction is made by darker colors, with Night Mode giving the Maps app a darker background. You will also see darker colors on much of the interface, except for the tab bar and navigation bar, which will stay white. However, with the tweak installed, they are also translucent, working very well with Night Mode because, although they are a little brighter, the transparency tones that down. On top of that, the whole interface, including those two bars, will be darkened down when you use the Maps app for navigation purposes.

Features :

While there isn’t any real up or downside to having Night Mode enabled all the time, it does make things easier on the eyes. AlwaysNightMode allows you to:

  • Have a darker skin enabled in Maps at all times
  • Bring translucency to the white navigation and tab bars
  • Kill the tweak and re-enable it easily

There isn’t much in the way of configuration, just the kill switch, which is useful if you are finding it a struggle to see on Night mode. That can be found in the Preferences pane for AlwaysNightMode in your settings app.

Download :

If you are interested in giving AlwaysNightMode a go, you can download it from the BigBoss repository for free. Let us know what you think of it. Keep yourself fully up to date with all the latest developments by Subscribing to our newsletter and following us on Facebook.

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