AltKeyboard 2 – Feature Rich Keyboard for iOS

AltKeyboard is a very popular tweak, and AltKeyboard 2 goes a few steps further to become a more powerful improvement for the stock iOS keyboard. However, AltKeyboard 2 was compatible only with iOS 7 till now. So if you have used the tweak in the past and loved it, you will be glad to know that AltKeyboard 2 now supports iOS 8 too, including iOS 8.4.

Image : AltKeyboard 2 for iPhone

altkeyboard 2

In case you haven’t used the original AltKeyboard, the tweak makes it easier to input non-alphabetical and upper case characters. So let’s dive straight into the features of AltKeyboard 2 and find out how awesome it is.

Features :

  • After installing AltKeyboard 2, the tweak will place a series of alternate keys on the original keys of the iOS keyboard. This is your road map for using the tweak.
  • The default action to type the alternate key is to swipe up on that key, while swiping down will capitalize the letter on that key. Therefore, you will not have to switch back and forth between the upper-case mode or numeric keys.
  • AltKeyboard 2 also adds several other functionalities in the keyboard that work with the backspace, return, spacebar, and shift key. For example, you can just swipe up on the spacebar to select, copy, paste, or cut a text quickly.AltKeyboard8 (1)
  • After installing the AltKeyboard 2 tweak, you get 2 tabs on each side of the keyboard. These keys allow you to swipe easily from right or left side to move that cursor.
  • The tweak also gives a magnified view of the cursor to the user through various options. You can choose from 4 different options, that include the Keyboard Loupe, Classic Loupe, Keyboard Viewfinder, or none.
  • In case you do not like the alternate keys showing on your keyboard and if you can do without them, then you can turn them off from the settings.
  • If you do not prefer the default swipe up or swipe down function on a key, you can switch it too. altkeyboard_ios_9
  • AltKeyboard 2 gets a very cool feature called Lowercase Keyboard. This feature will look cool to you if you have used ShowCase. And if you still have ShowCase on your device and are planning to install AltKeyboard 2, then you uninstall ShowCase as the Lowercase Keyboard feature in the AltKeyboard 2 does its job. The feature actually displays the case of the keys by depending on the shift key. So in case caps lock is on, then the letters will be capitalized. And if the shift key is not pressed, then the keys are lowercase. It is a very good thing that the developer included this feature as a built-in, so now you do not need to have extra tweak for it.
  • You can also disable the built-in features of the undo | redo, or define, if you don’t like them.altkeyboard_cydia_ios_9
  • There is a toggle to turn off the auto-correct suggestions too in case you don’t like to be disturbed by autocorrect. AltKeyboard9

Download :

All in all, the AltKeyboard too is not a must try; it’s rather a must-have app for all of the jailbroken iOS users. In case you already have the earlier version, upgrading to AltKeyboard 2 will be free for you. Otherwise, you can buy AltKeyboard 2 for $2.99 from Cydia or you can get it free through 3rd party repo’s.

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