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If you are a jailbreaker, then you already know that you cannot live without Activator. And you will be more than happy to know that your staple jailbreak tweak has now been updated to support iOS 8.3! Activator, developed by Ryan Petrich, is not only a great standalone tweak, but also is the backbone for a plethora of many other jailbreak tweaks and is the floodgate for the rest of the huge Cydia library.

Image : Cydia Activator Download

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If you want to install the Activator jailbreak tweak which is currently in its version 1.9.3 beta 5, then you will be required to add the beta repo of Ryan Petrich in your list of the Cydia sources.

The following is the URL of the beta repo by Ryan that you need to add in Cydia sources :

After you have added the above URL to your Cydia sources, just search for Activator and install it. After you install the beta, you can then use it as a standalone tweak, or you can use it to take advantage of other jailbreak tweaks that are compatible with or rather dependent on Activator.

Activator for iOS :

Activator has been released for iOS 8.3 and provides basic support for iPods, iPads, and iPhones that are jailbroken with the latest TaiG Jailbreak tool which was released just two days ago. If you want to know more about the tweak, then keep reading and know how to install it in a few moments.

Image : Activator on iPhone 6 Taig Jailbroken on iOS 9
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If you don’t already know, the Activator tweak has been developed by the famous developer Ryan Petrich and is a very famous jailbreak tweak. With Activator, you can set some custom gestures for launching pre-defined actions. For instance, with Activator you can set swipe up and swipe down gestures for turning up the brightness of the display screen or turning it down. You can also set a certain gesture to launch a particular app every time you do that gesture. Activator is a powerful tweak and you can explore many possibilities with this.

When the tweak is already so awesome, just imagine its new version coming to the latest jailbreak for iOS 8.3! You can download it right now. But before that, note that Cydia Substrate is required for Activator to work. So make sure that you install Activator only after updating TaiG 2.0 to TaiG 2.1.2, or doing a fresh jailbreak using the TaiG 2.1.2 tool, as it includes the fix for Cydia Substrate that was missing in TaiG 2.0.

How to Install Activator :

  1. From your jailbroken iOS 8.3 device, launch Cydia.
  2. Then tap the “Changes” tab that is given at the bottom. Now hit Refresh, which is in the top left corner.
  3. The repositories will refresh now. Wait a few seconds until it loads completely.
  4. Now you can go to Cydia and search for Activator and download it, or download it directly from the Sources tab by browsing to the BigBoss repo section. Activator-1
  5. Select Install which is in the top right corner. The package will now install.

Update: Activator is out of beta now for iOS 8.3.

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